Anyone elses happy in love and wanting to get married?

I am a 22yr old young woman dating a 24yrold guy. We have been dating for six months and everything is going great. We have a lot of things in common and we always spend that quality time going on dates to the movies, shopping and recently we went on a vacation skiing. I am graduating college this spring, I am a certified massage therapist and I just finished real estate agent school. I have a lot going for me and I can't wait to start my real estate career, I work at a spa part time now while I finish college.

My boyfriend just started a very good job as a diesal mechanic at a large company. Our goal is too save money for a down payment for a house and we'd like to get married. I don't want to rush things because I want us to be financially secure before we get married. Buying a house is a big financial decision. I just hope we get engaged within a year. I don't want a large over the top wedding either, just immediate family and friends.

I don't want the wedding to be more expensive then the down payment on our house. I'm not pushy to my boyfriend I don't pressure him at all. I'm just wondering when he'll think of asking me to marry him. I'm thinking anytime after our 1 year anniversary which is going to be this July. Question for all the guys that have asked their gfs to marry them ...How long did you date before you asked the question????


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  • A it sounds like a beautiful relationship you guys have going on... congrats girl you are one of the lucky ones! Personally, I've known my fiance for 4 years when we started dating. I was asking myself the same question.. when is he going to propose... finally I just asked him. I said you know I really enjoy being with you I love you and I want to be engaged. His response: really? lol so a week after that was christmas and he did it christmas morning. I don't feel like I pressured him into it... but by bringing it up he told me I really helped him take that first step because he was scared to do it alone. So if you're like me and you talk to him about things... maybe you're okay with starting a conversation about engagement. Maybe it will be key to going forward! I hope I helped you and I wish you and your boyfriend the very best of luck!!!