Marrying person of other nationality, should I?

I am European and he is Asian , he was studying in Europe so we met, I love him and we want marry .

We would have to live in his country because he has good job there now ( earns a lot) .

We have different religions, in his country are completely different traditions, we have kinda different values - but we accept it and want be together.

Is only one things which worries me, tell me what do you think about it:

In his country if people divorce kids would stay with father , and also they would have only father's citizenship.

I think of course that we won't divorce never, we are really very very happy .., but I can't predict future, after divorce I would lose kids .

What do you think about it? is this something to worry ?, I want marry him but this worries me a little


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  • I can only talk for myself of course, I would have no issues with marrying someone from a different country an if he got a good job there I'd gladly move to Europe, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand with him. However there are some countries in which I would not want live or at least only temporary. I don't really want to live in China or Japan but I guess it wouldn't be so bad for a couple of years.

    However I would never ever move to a middle eastern country (with maybe the exeption of Turkey and Israel if that's considered middle eastern), India or Pakistan. It has nothing to do with sterotypes but a lot those countries have laws and tradtions that I do not want to live with.

    I'm not sure what country you are talking about and I don't know much about the divorce laws of other countries but if the father always gets the kids in absolutley every senario and also can decide where his kids can or can not stay in every case, I'd be worried

    Also about citizenship, are you sure they can't have double citizenship? That's something I'd insist on too.

    • I am sure that kids wouldn't have europan citizenship, he lives in middle eastern country actually , and kids would have only father's citizenship , and also most often kids stay with father after divorce ( if he isn't dangerous, alcoholic, poor etc) - I was kinda shocked when I became to know it, I thought every normal court would decide that kids stay with mother. I love him very much and I accept all differences between us, but only this worries me

    • Ok like I said I don't know much about their laws but likley their definition of dangerous, alcoholic and poor will also vary from ours, so take that into consideration.

      And you also want to consider that after a divorce you may want to go back to your home country with you kids after divorce, which from what I get would not be possible.

      You need to make that decison for yourself but I wouldn't do it. You could also with him and when you have kids go back home and raise them there

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  • I agree with Izzy21, I live in the middle east for a year with my family and in a lot of those countries your husband will have all rights of your kids and you will have none, particualry if they don't even have American/European citizenship. I wouldn't do it, but it's your decision.

  • There are many problems with moving to a different country. The first will be the language barrier since most of them won't speak English (depending on country). The difference in thinking is a bit of a hassle too, a norm such as kissing or holding hands in public might be looked down on there. Maybe you can stay with him in his country as a fiance before you decide to marry?

    • I was in his country many times, once even for 6 months . I accept all this norms . I wrote why I am worried , only this one reason worries me.

    • Sorry about answering other things then. Well if that's really bothering you, maybe you can get some kind of paperwork done which gives you custody of the children? But you will have to talk to him about this since I'm sure he will have to sign it and its not exactly a fun topic to talk about =/

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