All my (female) Friends seem to be getting engaged.....

Its up to 4 and a possible 5 this year so far, all from different friend group (childhood, bff, college,etc)- some totally anticipated others seemingly out of left field.

Anyways, while I'm by and large really excited for them- this brought me to the stark realization that now only 2 of my closer female friends are single. (both ones who live far away from me).

And, well, quite frankly it makes me, the dateless-wonder, feel rather pathetic by sheer contrast. I've been able to come up with "explanations" like being invested in studies right now and moving around a lot. But I know those aren't real reasons for me, I don't have any real reasons besides coming up with self-depressing things I know which probably aren't true.

I'm 24. I don't want to get married soon, but damnit- something would be nice here.

I'm also kinda worried about falling into the chronic 3rd wheel trap, or the married vs single friends separation thing. :/

Anyone else in a similar boat? Thoughts?


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  • I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a boyfriend, but we are not getting engaged any time soon! But most of my friends are either getting married, getting engaged and even having kids. And most of these people have been together for not as long as me and my boyfriend have, and they are not the type of people who I thought would be settling down so soon either!

    So yea, I kind of feel left out too. Because now I am getting the "When are you going to get engaged, when are you going to have kids?", questions from them and other people. So I am starting to feel the pressure. It's hard, especially if you are single. The only advice I can give you is to stay busy and try to keep in contact with them.

    Go out to see them as much as you can, and try new activities to meet other single friends. Lots of women your age are experiencing the same thing. I am turning 23 this summer, so I am getting to be one of the few people without kids and unmarried.

    I am also experiencing the unmarried/single vs. married/with kids friends separation thing. It sucks, but sometimes it's for the better. If someone cuts you out of their life because they are married or with kids and you aren't, well then they weren't much of a friend anyway. I know some girls are acting as if they are better than the unmarried and without kids ladies, which is not right at all.

    Just try to stay positive! Get out to meet people as much as possible, you will keep your mind off all the bad thoughts. You will find someone soon enough :)