Next step with my boyfriend? How do you get fiancé material?

-Essentially I would like to marry him.

He wants first to be financially stable though.

-So I'd love us to get engaged.

He is old school and for him it is very important that he is the one to purpose.

-I'd love to live with him.

He told me that he'd like it too. It is not going to happen though before we get married though because his family is very conservative..and I want everybody to be happy (I think it would be a very bad start)!

So...what can I do for him to realize that being engaged is a great idea for us?

Marriage is very important to him.

I respect him by being patient and letting him feel on his own what's the best for him and...if I am the one for him or not.

It is killing me as I know he is mine though! Frankly I don't understand how he hasn't felt it yet!

I don't get it...guys can you explain it to me?

What should I do? What can I do?

How can I become fiancé material?

I have always been honest with him and plan on keep doing it, like that he really knows who he has as a girlfriend. It is important to me he loves me for who I am.

Guys, why did you pick this particular moment in your relationship to purpose?


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  • Tell him that you'll accept a ring from him even if it's cheap; and you'll wait and do things as the timetables afford themselves. He may push even harder to get you a pricey ring; or he may feel the pressure to get one sooner. I'd be in the latter camp.

    • And I don't want to pressure him..

    • Some guys like a little pressure, so long as it isn't too much. I'll let you figure out how much is just right. Whatever you do, don't allow it to drag out to forever. If three or four years go by and he can't make up his mind, then he probably never will.

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