Is it true that married men can never sleep with their wives only?

My mom just told me that it's impossible for a man to not sleep with other women during his marriage .. I must say I was astonished , is this true ?

For a more visual answer.. I ll make a poll with two choices

1st choice : Yes it is true, and all the people that you know have slept with others while married..

2nd choice : No it's not true.. you know at least one person who remained loyal to his wife..

This could include your parents as well , and even yourselves if you are married

Thanks !

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  • No, it's not true.

    BUT... it IS true that monogamy is against a man's biological programming (being in love over-rides that programming, and is really the only thing that does), and he will still have desires to LOOK AT and FANTASIZE about other women, but for the vast majority of men, those activities will satisfy the desire for variation that men are programmed with, without him having to actually cheat and sleep with someone else.

    NOW... if the relationship sours and the man falls out of love with his woman, then the main thing that's stopping him from sleeping around is gone (remember, for the most part, it's being in love that overrides a man's drive to sleep around). Some men ALSO have honor, and will end the relationship before they sleep with someone else, but not all men are honorable, and will cheat if the relationship isn't healthy.

    It's actually VERY rare for a man to cheat in a healthy relationship. It's just that so many relationships are god-awful, and some people think they can continue to let their relationships fester without there being consequences, and that's simply not the case.

    Finally, it should be mentioned that women cheat in their marriages at nearly the exact same rate that men do, something that the statement in question is obviously not considering.

    • As my picture states I also say unto you, Well played sir! Kudos to you

    • It's a good thing that men are the FAR more love-focused (or more interested in love) than women then eh? Honestly, men fall much harder in love than women do.

    • Btw, some studies (and this is from women magazines/websites at that lol) say women cheat more but hide it better. Oye.

      It's more likely even for each though.

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  • This is an old belief from a very sexist time, meant to excuse a man's bad behavior. Not all men cheat, and not all women are loyal. Men and women, are a lot more alike than most people realize.

    I never cheated on my wife, or had any desire to. I know several men, that also never cheated.

  • Your mother is just extremely cynical.

    She may have come across a lot of men who cheated, but she still shouldn't have extrapolated to ALL men, and tried to teach that cynicism to her daughter.

  • It sounds to me like your mom is a man hater (no offense) but I know plenty of people who have been married longer than I have been alive and have remained faithful to each other.

    • No she's not a hater.. it's just that she has been loyal to my father since the first day they got married, while my dad cheated on her with 1000 women .. so I guess she is very hurt, and led her think like that

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    • That's all right .. I am glad she is not right though .. I almost took the decision to never get married :D

    • Well we wouldn't want that, just make sure to date for a while before you get married to figure out if the guy you date is the right one for you.

  • i know plenty of guys who haven't cheated on their wives

  • So is true for most men and women. Cheating is in fashion. There are men who do not cheat their women.

  • No. I know people who never cheated on their partner.

  • your mom is a bitter bitter woman.

  • Maybe this is true for your mother, but it's not true for me.

  • She was cheated on herself

    She believes in Polygamy

    It's one of the two, more likely that she was cheated on.

    Question is, should you let what happen to her, affect you?

  • Not all men are cheaters.


What Girls Said 2

  • Choice 2.

    I would question why your mother has this view. Does she condone cheating? Has she been cheated on in the past and is trying to justify it as "all men cheat". Either way it is an extremely harsh and unjustified view to have on men. Yes there are men who cheat for various reasons, just like there are women. But there are also many, many men who don't, who are loyal and faithful to their wives/partners. Most of the guys I know could never even contemplate cheating. I am with the same guy for 10 years and neither of us have cheated but then we're not married.

  • For the most part, I agree. I think every guy will cheat given the opportunity. They may not actively seek it, but when you've been married to the same person for 10 years, you're both unwilling to communicate and it's the same ole' same ole', sh*t happens.

    Not justifying it, but that's the reality of it.

    I know guys on here think men can never do no wrong and that guys never cheat, but contrary to belief, cheating is not limited to the gender. Someone always strays, be it male or female.