I know I am not pretty, but do I deserve this?

I don't have the look to attract every guys... I know I am not that smart... And I am not an independent woman and that I live off your income right now but I love you and you told me that you love me... And now that we are married... Why are you doing this to me? You tell me I need help but I think its you... Its driving me insane! What do I do?... I feel like my brain is about to burst and I am hurt while you are deep asleep... as if this is nothing and its not bothering you...

Really? Like seriously.. I am tired of this bullsh*t! You say whatever you want to me... you curse at me... Call me a B****. You tell me I am lazy and that I don't ever do anything when you are at work but... Lol, Look at it this way... When was the last time you ever had to do the dishes? Who cook for you? Who washes your dirty clothes for you? Who clean when you never even put your hand to do anything around the house... Who pick up your clothes cause all you ever do is leave them everywhere... It may not be much and enough for you but... I do...

Have you ever Thank me? Who stay home and wait patiently from 6am to 10pm for you? No car... no friends, no family nearby...

All this for you... You come home and you don't even talk to me... I can't even hear something nice from you... You don't even kiss me, Hug me, Or even hold me to sleep.. No s**? I don't accuse you because I only hope for the best... But who knows what you be doing through those long times every single day :( I see you choose p*rn over me... To you p*rn is beyond normal.. You dream to it, make love to it. What ever happen to me? Why am I ever apart of this? If this is the best you can give to some one real other than the girl you into doing p*rn... than alright I am willing to except that! I am sure she doesn't like you anyways.. Maybe your money... But she will NOT do what I do for you that's for sure! Plus She has fake everything from what I found out! If that is the type for you... No complaint! Its not that I am jealous, Lmao... But I just never know you were this NASTY and sick! that's why you NEED to get some help ok!... And I know that no one else can do what I do for you... Pretty much if you find another girl... They would probably cheat on you for all the times that you are gone for so long each and every day... You are right? I am stupid and now I realize why.. I am done and over with being her for you BECAUSE I know I can find someone who shows me more affection and love, and appreciation... Respect... Things that you don't have for me.. I can't regret because I did all I can!


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  • what you need to do is start believing in yourself, you are smarter than you think and you deserve better than to be this guys washer women...but only you can save yourself, you have to go out into the world, find a job to support yourself then dump this douchebag and never look back.

    • That is so true! I hope to leave tomorrow! I may not have a husband anymore but I have my parents and family. He have sad to many hurtful things to me and I just can't take it anymore. He thinks I can't leave him.. And he told me that I can leave if I am not happy But I have never made the action yet. This time I need to be real with myself and do What he think I cant!

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  • Lol Hahah. I agree with the dude,. It's hard out there for a pimp.

    • Lol! Thank you for your answer.

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  • :( poor girl. dump that douche bag right now!

    • Thanks! I really need that right now. I need to get over loving him and realize the real Jerk of him.

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    • I know I should. It is best for me and I know that for awhile now. I am planning to leave home tomorrow morning after he leaves to work. I hope that work out. Everything that he ever said or do just keep remaining in my head. I feel lonely and sad most of the time. I regret this relationship and Everything I have gave up for him such as losing friends and leaving my family. He says a lot of hateful stuff to me its just driving me crazier and crazier everyday.

    • well at least you know its not a good relationship... did you left?