How old do men like to be when they marry?

My guy friend said not til at least 30. That 22 is way too early... but 30 or older is better. What do you guys think?

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  • i'd be wanting to do it around my late 20's to early 30's at latest. I feel like by then I should be stable and prepared enough financially and mentally to be alright with dedicating myself to one woman the rest of my life.

    • ohh so is that how guys decide when they are ready? when they're financially stable?

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    • then I guess you take a chance with one of them and see if you can build a good relationship with them haha. I dunno

    • haha gotcha. idk, just curious! My friend told me he won't marry til at least 30. I was like whaaatt that's so long haha. why wait that long if you find the right person?

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  • Every guy is different but I'd say on average they want to be at least 25 before getting married.

    • doesn't after 30 seem so late?

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