Would you ladies have more respect for a guy who abstains from sex with you until marriage?

I have been labeled as old fashioned with questions such as this. For me I don't call it old fashioned at all. I call it respect; a selfless concept society has lost track of. I don't think sex should be a part of dating at all. I mean, if 2 blind people jump into bed and have sex, trust me; they'll enjoy it.

Dating should be more about making a determination of whether the potential mate has the qualities and characteristics of someone who would be a great match for them to spend the rest of their lives with in a genuinely committed relationship. I have a saying when it comes to sex; A person of the opposite gender who is worth making a lifetime commitment to, will stand the test of time. I believe that poor marriages are a result of poor dating.

Us males think about sex quite often and when we are in our younger years, the hormones are way out of control. I believe you ladies would be wiser to set boundaries when it comes to sex. If your date tries to violate those boundaries, you need to dump him immediately because he has disrespected you and violated the rules. People who do this are generally the ones that will cheat on you down the road.

Typically we see sex out of marriage as simply harmless and just having a little fun. Sooner or later, someone gets pregnant, out comes child, bye, bye boyfriend and now you no longer matter. Ask all the divorced people out there(me included) who are or were raising kids in broken homes how it all got started with them and they will tell you; Right where you are at now!

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I think I freaked out the entire population with this question! Doesn't surprise me though, considering how everyone's doing it.


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  • Definitely. I'm waiting until marriage, and so is my boyfriend.

    • Wise Choice

      I commend the 2 of you.

    • Thank you. And for you too!

    • Thank you for BA! :) I'm glad that someone else wants to wait.

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  • I know plenty of people who waited ... and ended up with terrible sex drives.

    I think it can work, but there are big, big risks.