My parents are against my marriage, what should I do?

I'm 25 now and want marry with boy who is black. I am with him 6 years and I'm very happy, we are really in love.

But my parents aren't so open minded like me, especially my mother.

She said that I would better marry white man, not African.. that he would cheat on me, she doesn't trust him , he is different was raised in different culture.. we won't be happy..

I am sure I want marry him but my parents said that they won't attend my marriage and if I marry him I can forget about them

They won't help me if I have any problem with him ( they are sure I would have) , they wouldn't give me money if I need , and I can't count for any help from them.

I love him, but this situation is too much for me:( I am nervous that I lose my parents , I just need their support:(

What should I do ? should I marry him against my parents will?


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  • I married out-of-race and my parents were not really "thrilled" about it either, although they didn't threaten me like they threatened you. Long story short, they have come to love their daughter-in-law to death once they actually got to know her.

    So the moral of the story is... ignorant parents can remain ignorant, or they can be bitter and see the light later. You could get lucky and they could see the light.

    Even if not though, why should you throw the love of your life away? Would you do so in the name of the good intentions of "wanting what is best for their daughter" when they could actually be perpetuating their own personal comfort and ignorance? Maybe they really just don't want to deal with seeing black relatives?

    If you go there way, just ask them for an arranged marriage and marry whoever they pick, and while you are at it, just eat the kind of food they think you should like also.

    Anyhow, a man has to be judged on his characteristics, values, and merits. If your proposed fiance is lacking in any of these things, you would have worthwhile reason to take heed. However, if it is just because he is black, or has African-American culture, that isn't a significant reason as long as you know that you yourself can blend with it.

    Family gatherings might be a bit chilly, but they'll just have to get with the times, won't they?


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  • You can either marry him and ruin a relationship with your parents and hope they come around eventually or you call it off, marry some white guy to please your parents, be unhappy and lust after black guys until you finally cheat and run off with guy. I think you'll be most happy with the first option actually. People should start realizing that most white girls prefer black guys and this is just how it will be.


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  • I would definitely do some soul searching no body knows you better than your parents and you definitely don't want to loose them...Have you had trouble with your boy friend in the past and that is why your parents don't like him and don't want you to marry him?...

    • ah no I didn't have any problems with him , as I said I am very happy with him. My parents think that I will be unhappy with him because of differences between us, he's black, I'm white, he was raised in Africa, has different religion.. etc. But for me and him this differences doesn't matter. .