Who is right and who is wrong?

Lately I realize my husband and I really don't communicate to resolve things we sit and debate more than anything.

Do you find yourself in the same position with your significant other?

Do you find yourself trying to prove yourself right the majority of the conversation?


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  • hi I get what is going on with you and your husband .i have been there myself and now I'm just 4 months seperated after 16 years.and its awfull. instead of debating have you both considered some marriage councelling? its a great idea to learn how to talk better .unfortunatly if you don't stop debating .it turns into fighting and then so on.yah know?do what ever you can possible to stop this before its too late.take it from me .i tried so hard but he still walked out and sadly I truley hope you can talk to some good friends and family and your husband at night time and say enough we need to talk it out.marriage is not a debate hun.its comprimise and getting along and talking about everything .your husband is your best friend so why debate over stuff.in the end its not worth it.I lost it .but I hope only the best for you both and have an everlasting marriage .I hope I helped you and please take care.wish you all the best.

    • Thank you for your comment and great insight!

      I am hoping for all the best as well. Again thank you!

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  • I am not in the position where I have to debate anything with my girlfriend, and no I don't find myself having to prove anything. Most things that we're not sure about are usually as small as who was in what movie, and it usually takes a quick trip over to the computer to search IMDb. The only big argument I can think of is the one where I was pointing out how her sister is a frosty bitch to me at all times. She denied it, and then I pointed out incidents one at a time. I won that argument. But that's pretty much the only really big one I needed to prove. Everything else was small. So for the most part, I think we got it pretty good.

    As for you and your husband, maybe you should consider a counselor.

    • Counseling may work, but making it work is the key. Sometimes, it can be emotionally exhausting.

    • Well I brought up counseling because if you two are just arguing to win, maybe a mediator (or possibly a referee) would be a good idea, to sort of step in and try to help make peace.

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  • You should try to rewire the way you communicate with him.

    Something to remember and remind yourselves explicitly, as necessary is that you and your husband are always on the same team. *Please note: This is presuming that you both genuinely feel this way. If not, there's a different problem here.

    It's not about who's right or wrong.. Though, it's about what the resolution is here.

    The big part of the problem could seem to be that you both are extremely sensitive and/or reactive to each others moods, feelings, and disapproval.

    You maybe could try counseling though, I wouldn't recommend it because it can be emotionally draining. Although, an individual counseling will work just as well.

    • I think a conuselor would be draining as well. With God all things can be overcome.

      I pray each day our relationship becomes the relationship where we can sit and talk collectively every conversation. I like how you reminded me to think of as always being on the same team. Sometimes I do forget we are on the same team. I will remind myself each day . Thank you for your comment.