Why so many of us end up marrying dumb women?

Really. My girlfriend is smart and funny. So I don't have problems with that myself.

But many of my buddies had married really stupid girls, and a few years later they are so unhappy in their marriages. Some of them don't even want to come home because there's this boring wife waiting for them. My point is: if you feel she's not interesting, do you hope she'll get more interesting later in marriage?

Sex is always secondary. So are her cooking skills.

One of my ex-classmates married a woman just because she was good at sex and cooked pretty well. It was his criteria. He got divorced three years later.

On the other hand, my best friend's parents are the happiest couple I ever met. They are together for more than 30 years. She's an intelligent woman, always interesting to talk to. She never bothers about houseworks. I'm not saying there's a big mess in their house, she just is not maniacal about dust or clean curtains whatever.


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  • Well, a successful marriage isn't based on the intelligence of one but rather the compatibility. It sounds like your friend and his wife were not, which is why their marriage failed. Before people make the commitment to get married they need to think is this person right for me? Am I satisfied with him/her both on a physical/mental level? Do we have the strength to overcome any/everything together (great communicators)?

    • Agree. I guess two dumb people would make a great couple, too :)))

      Thanks for sharing your opinion

    • lol yes. np

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  • Smart =/ interesting.

    I know smart women who are complete bores. I know non-intellectual women who are a complete hoot to be around.

    It's the "interesting" part that's vital - but the fact is that people change, especially with marriage it seems. The person you marry is most likely not who they will always be. Marriage is just you betting half your sh*t that you're going to love that person forever, and they you.


    • Agree with you. "Interesting" is essential.

    • Yup, yup. But even then, it depends on your personality. For example, I need someone who challenges me and mentally stimulates me, introducing me to different things and vice versa. But one of my best friends wants someone that shares her interests. Some people value familiarity, others want change. Ya know? I'm ranting :P

  • 1.Too much concerntration on the physical attributes

    2.women or people are now generally pressurised to major on the outside attributes which is a minor when it comes to commitements like marriage so you end up marrying dumb women because that's what is now available in large supply in this era.

  • Dumb girls are less of a challenge.

  • Dumb girls are less work

    The bimbo thing seems to be really attractive to guys (brings out the alpha male who is "needed"by the female)

    Guys also just don't prioritise intelligence, many say they do but in truth you'll win more hearts by being a pretty 1950's stereotype.


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  • I know plenty of people with terrible marriages to smart partners.

    Nothing is 'secondary'. Getting along, sexual compatibility and enjoying each others company all matter.

  • 1. My girlfriend and I have an awesome time together. We enjoy a lot of the same activities, so that affords us a lot of opportunity to do things together.

    2. The sex we have isn't extremely frequent, maybe once or twice a week, but when we do have it, it's incredible, she's very open to trying new things, and enjoys having sex in exciting locations.

    3. I like cooking, and she doesn't. So I do the cooking, and she does most of the cleaning. Works out pretty well for both of us.

    • Good for you. How long have you been dating for?

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    • Four years.

      Generally, that I agree with you. Being with someone who's not boring, who you can have fun spending time with is more important than sex all the time or cooking skills.

      Getting into a relationship with someone you can have awesome sex with, and who can cook you great food, but you can't ever go anywhere or do anything with or hold an interesting conversation with is only going to result in failure.

    • Oh wow. Happy for you and your girlfriend. 4 years is serious. You know what you're talking about.

      Thanks for your answer.