Guys when does marriage cross your mind?

Guys when you have been in a serious relationship with a girl, when does marriage cross your mind? Does it cross your mind quite often or maybe after a year of dating? Do you ever share the marriage idea with your girlfriend or keep it to yourself?


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  • This sounds like an easy question..but is actually about as complex as can get...I wondered about marriage for most of my life...and always thought that I would...some soon as I saw an attractive female I would start to wonder what life with her would be like...ok well you said "serious relationship" but by that very definition then I would already have been thinking about it...defining these things are not easy..particularly before the fact and when young...but...I needed soome important things...why tie the know with someone that you do not find physically attractive? And matching up with someone who is not sexually compatible with is simply "kicking the can down the road" in my view...but...more than anything...gotta have personalities that are compatible..i could share a house with someone who did not have sex with me...but where are we to go if we cannot live under the same roof?


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    Seriously, when I meet somebody I ask myself, "Self, what kind of wife would she be? What kind of Mommy would she be?"

    THEN I figure out whether or not I have the courage to even speak to her. If we are already speaking, I already know if I want it to go further. And, pretty much EVERY time I've been in a long-term relationship, I would have been willing to marry her or I wouldn't have put the time into the relationship, let alone invest my love, for so long.

    I'm going to bet that just about EVERY guy here will say something "manly" like "NEVER" or something silly. But, deep down inside, whether he wants to admit it or not, if he's with you, HE HAS ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT. You can take THAT to the BANK. I PROMISE YOU that if you are "together", he's thought about it.

  • After about two months, it becomes a thought in the back of my mind. After four, I am considering it seriously. After two years, I'd be actively pursuing that as an end goal. Since I've never had a relationship last for more than a year, it's never really gotten to the phase I discussed.

  • I would only seriously consider marriage if the following senario happens.

    Her: *yelling about something*

    Me: yeah well the floor is lava *walks away*

    Her: I have lava boots get back here!

  • It's been on my mind for a while I always knew I didn't want to fool around or go from girl to girl

    I don't care about that stuff

    I'd fine with finding a girl and just being with her


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