What do you think warrants a divorce?

I was just reading an article link about people marrying young and someone said that since divorce rates are so high the legal age to marry should be raised to 25. Crazy right, anyway what would it take to lead you to get a divorce?


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  • IMO, most people these days have NO IDEA what marriage even means. The concepts of duty and honor and respect are completely lost, and are just words they say. I know many people who get married more for the WEDDING and the honeymoon (and the status among their friends that results) than for the MARRIAGE. That's really why most marriages don't last.

    A marriage is like a sports team in many ways. You have to constantly be working and practicing and training, and you have to both put the needs of the TEAM ahead of your own personal needs. You have to support your team and defend it from outsiders even if their might be some truth in what they say, just like fans of a sports team will support their team even during a losing season. You have to be able to talk and plan and work for the TEAM's goals rather than your own, and you have to put your own needs and desires aside and do what's best for the TEAM and its collective responsibilities.

    Most folks today don't even understand what that MEANS, much less being prepared to DO it.

    Assuming I *was* married, a divorce would be justified by an unrepairable break of trust, or by a partner who was simply no longer willing to put the team first. If your partner no longer values the needs and goals of the team, it's impossible for you to work hard enough to make up for it, and if they aren't willing to get help to solve the problem (counselling/therapy), then there's little point in staying together.

    • well said, I agree.

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    • Nice strawman argument there. Obviously, I'm far to dim to follow your complicated hypothesis.

    • of course not I was just jabbing you back for saying my argument was a fallicy

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  • a dramatic shift in personality that basically meant I was married to a completely different person (without her looking any different).

    Or if she cheats.

    Other than that, I think the institution of marriage has a lot more authority than it should have. It's basically documenting the fact that two people are in a relationship. People should be able to get a divorce just as readily as they decide to stop any other type of relationship. People break up all the time, but people who probably should break up end up staying together and making each other miserable, because they are married. Seems weird, to me. I don't get it.

    I mean, I understand that a clean breakup after the relationship has been documented basically means the guy is going to have to pay the girl half his income for the rest of his life, but compared to the 100% he has to pay her while married to her, I would consider it a better deal. Basically, you're paying half-price to stop her nagging and complaining. Doesn't sound so bad. Plus, the guy could always choose to become unemployed for a while, just to get her to find her own job/another husband, then he's in the clear.

  • no that's a little dumb the strongest correlation with divorce is not age its a womens sexual history and people who get remarried and divorced this is because the more partners women have the they are able to bong and this is supported by the fact that women with only five partners has a under a thirty percent chance of her marriage lasting more then five years and women file seventy percent of divorces. what this tells me is women who have been d***ed by other mwn eventually get boared and since modern women live in a fantasy world were they think they will always be nineteen.and their vag never loses value they get bored and divorce so if anything premarital sex should be ilegal not holding till its twenty five that would possible make it worse

    • sorry I meant to say they are not able to bond as well. and I think infidality, not putting out, and physical and menta abuse are grounds for divorce

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    • im on my android and I accidently reported your comment sorry about that not sure if anything will come of it

  • To not be in love with the person I was with

    • you give up too easily, you could probably fall in love with them all over again if you put in the effort

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    • I'm not saying it'll be outlawed, people will just start growing out of it. Society's becoming too fast paced to raise families, and now that women are more and more becoming career-focused machines, the whole concept of the traditional family is being slowly phased out. I don't mean that in a negative way towards women at all, it's just that if everyones a hunter and there's no gatherers in society, there's no way left to sustain a family.

    • I get what your saying but I still wouldn't want to be a single mom, I kinda like some traditions, being in a shared household and raising the children together, I hope that doesn't completely go to hell in the future

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  • Not everyone is the same and I believe that they should be able to get married whenever they choose to..even if it may not be in the best interest of them but it's their choice none the less. And what would the divorce lawyers do? lol.

    I believe everyone has their own reason to divorce someone...for mi...it would probably be physical violence or someone who doesn't love or appreciate...cheating...puts you in debt and I'm talking like major debt...guess that's it. hopefully they wouldn't become an alcoholic because that doesn't really lead to anything good.

  • No. People always want to control others lives even if its clearly none of their business.

  • Infidelity warrants a divorce.