Why can't I stop thinking about this?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He says he never wants to get married or have kids. I don't want kids either. But maybe I would like to have one. If I don't, that's OK. I really don't care. I do want to get married. But I kind of don't want to right now. I always said that marriage is for older mature people and I'm not that. But again, I want to get married because everyone I know is married or is getting married and it's putting pressure on me. I also don't want to get married because then I'll be off my parents insurance. I've always been working part time because I can never find anything that's full time.

I'm 29 and my boyfriend is 27.

But why am I so obsessed with this when it's not my time or my mindset yet to do either of these things?


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  • Because your environment is pummeling you with the "marriage message" that all women get. You have a bunch of friends who are, maybe you're noticing more commercials and friends and family talking about it and subconsciously it's nagging at you because he said he never wants to at all, If he's said "maybe some day" you'd be constantly thinking about when it will happen rather than if it will.


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  • he will dump you if you talk about marriage and kids...so get your thinking straight and don't harass the poor bugger..if you want marriage and kid,leave him...if you dont, then be with him...!

    • I'm not harassing him! I just asked him once. His parents are the ones who are constantly talking about it to him.

  • You're obsessed with this because you want to get married and have a kid one day, and you know that your boyfriend doesn't want to do either, and you can't decide whether to accept that and deal with it because you love him in spite of those things, or to end it so that you can move on and possibly find someone who wants the same things you do.

    A perfectly understandable dilemma.


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