Is marrying after one year a horrible idea, particulary if money is involved?

I just finished my first year of University in Glasgow and will likley have to finish my studies at home in Bordeaux.

It's just that living costs here in the UK are insanley high, and the fairly weak euro doesn't help. Now that my mother has lost her job, my parents simply can't support me anymore.

I met my boyfriend actually on the very first day here in Glasgow. We've been dating for 9 months and he asked me to marry him.

I said yes at first, but now I'm not sure anymore. 9 months isn't a lot of time. And the thing is his parents are rich and he is making good money too. He often offered to help me out financially, but I can't have him pay for me.

Yesterday he said "you know what's great? After we're married you won't have to worry about money anymore. What's mine is yours then"

I know it sounds cute, but thinking about it, what if he only asked me to marry him for that? or even if it was just a big factor

Would it be a good idea to get married still?


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  • It does sound like that.

    Marriage is supposed to be about spiritual unity first and foremost. If there isn't that, then all the other things will become superfluous over time. Such a love will never mature, and will be hard to hold together. See if you can cultivate that in him. If not, then the engagement may have been a mistake.

    Marriage is to be a sacred calling; not a personal "right." If more understood that, then a lot of the current political bickering happening in the US would find itself completely foundationless.

    • I do want to marry him someday, it's just kinda early. I never though I'd get married with 19 and I feel he is only doing that so I can stay here in scotland

    • True. I would make the most of your interim time with him to ask tough questions, and vet him thoroughly. Before you commit to marriage, make sure it is what you are supposed to do, not simply what you want to do.

      Far too many where I live are in a big push to get married to collect on insurance benefits and social status, only to end up divorced within two years and having nothing.

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  • If you love him, why not? Let us admit the unstated: many people would say you're marrying for money.

    But he asked. I've seen marriages work (stay together) with people who have known each other for less time, and ones that went to bits and they had known each other for years.

    So think about what you want, this is about your life, not studies, your happiness, not a bank account...a step only you can take.

  • if money is involved in the marriage at all it's a bad idea


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  • Marrying someone after 9 months is not a big deal as long are you both love each other that's all it matters, and if he's willing to help you why not? But Don't marry him if you think that you need him for the money that's just not right.