Awkward proposal thoughts?

This may sound weird, but I often think about how awkward it would be if somebody proposed to you but you didn't want to say yes.

I mean, I would like to be with someone for a good few years before any sort of marriage business; but, what if somebody proposed after about 6 months? and did it in a really big way?

When do you think is the right time for a proposal?

This is the sort of situation I hope I never end up in.


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  • I proposed to my ex-wife after 3 years of dating and 2 of living with her. Notice... ex wife. Married a year and nine months, separated 5 years and finally divorced for 3 years now. Would have been a 10 year anniversary here this coming December.

    There is no set time, if you love the person, agreeing to marry them is in the future, not tomorrow, the proposal isn't will you marry me on August 21st 2012?... it's WILL YOU marry me. If you love the person the correct answer is always YES. If you don't, then that tends to end the dating dilemma.


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