No point in marriage without kids?

Russel Brand said this.. I was a little baffled at first, but then I got curious... If a marriage has no kids, then was it really worth it?

Second question. Does every man want a son? I was a little irked to hear that I am supposed to sit through however many children it takes till my husband gets one. I find it offensive.. I have other things to do than to child rear...

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I'm Having a girl. my father in law said I needed to have more kids till my husband gets a boy. I don't want more kids :-/


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  • It depends on how you view marriage.

    If you see it as the age-old "man-and-woman before god", then yes, it would be pointless. A marriage in the eyes of god is so two people can create children that will worship him, not so two people who love each other can live happily ever after. This is the view help by the large majority of people who have a problem with gay marriage. It's not because they think a same-sex couple shouldn't be able to be together, it's because they view marriage as a holy vow that's end-goal is reproduction. Because a same sex-couple can't reproduce, they have no reason to call it a marriage. Although there are some devout religious people who see homosexuality as an abomination which is caused by satan, the majority of people realize that being gay is not a choice.

    If you see marriage as a government contract that enables access to all the services and benefits available to families (allowing a spouse to be put on your employee healthcare, being able to visit a dying spouse in the hospital, wills, mortgages, etc), then the choice of whether or not to have kids is left entirely up to you, whichever decision you make is still covered within the parameters of the contract. Because same-sex couples have the ability to adopt a child, or pay for a surrogate mother, the fact that they can't reproduce sexually is irrelevant. This is the view that is held by most of those who support gay marriage. In their eyes, reproduction is a choice, not an obligation, because god is not involved. Therefore, a person's sexual orientation should not be relevant for access to these services. In this case, marriage is extremely important if a couple wants to say, buy a house together.

    I believe the latter, in this day and age, marriage is more of a government contract that grants you access to the services you need to build a life with the person you love than it is a religious vow (if you even believe in God at all). 500 years ago, when these services didn't exist, and the only reason to be married was so that you could have sex without going to hell, I could maybe see it being different.

    As for your second question, if I had to choose, I would want a daughter. So no, not every man would prefer to have a son. Ideally, I would have a boy and a girl, but I'm not going to be disappointed if I get only boys or only girls.

    The idea of being disappointed because your child is either one gender or the other seems kind of terrible to me. They're your kids, you're supposed to love them whether their male or female, straight or gay, dancer's or doctor's. You can't control who they turn out to be, many parents have tried that and failed. Your responsibilities as a parent are to love your child unconditionally, provide for them, teach them moral conviction, ensure they have opportunities to explore what they are interested in, and teach them how to learn from a mistake.

    If you can do that, you've given them them the tools they need to be successful.


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  • lol every reference to another person besides your husband in this question sounds like an idiot.

    But then, again kids aren't a deal breaker for me unless you aren't willing to adopt. Then you come off as ludacris and a bit uncompassionate to me.

    I could care less about the sex of my child.:) what difference does it make? I shouldn't be playing favorites.

  • I voted no and then I wasn't sure what I was saying no to, haha. I meant I disagree with those two things.

    • @update: oh f*** that noise, I would flip out on him for saying that. It's none of his concern.

    • I was tempted to... I'm not a fricken baby factory.!

  • I wouldn't mind getting married, but I don't want children

  • I struggle with the marriage thing unless kids intended. but I have not given up on that. as for a son? not a requirement. I know many in Asian cultures have that going on. not an issue at all for me. if I was ready to have children, a daughter or more than one is fine with me. I will still take them fishing.

  • There is no point of marriage without kids as for a man it's a road to poverty.


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  • I think a marriage can be just fine if both partners don't want children and just want that committed relationship with each other and want to share their lives together.

    But I also think children are a big part of a typical marriage, some people want to start their family... create lives together.

    So I wouldn't say there is no point in marriage without kids, it depends on the couple.

    I don't think every man wants a son, even some think they do but they are surprised about their feelings and their heart melts when their daughter is born lol.

    That's not right to expect a woman to pop out babies until a son is born, I would completely disregard that person and what their saying. That is a conversation between husband and wife, to decide what THEY want. Maybe you'd want two or three children anyway and you can make everyone content but really just be happy you have a family and who knows one of those could be a boy. If not, then deal with it then...But when you've had the amount you want, even if its just one, I wouldn't continue to satisfy other people.

    They aren't the ones who are going to be raising all those children who were born in hopes they were something they aren't, they really have no say.

  • I think if your someone that doesn't really care if you have a child or don't really want one, you need to be upfront and honest and get somebody with the same views. Why isn't this discussed from the beginning of a relationship? Maybe people think they can change the other persons views. But it should be common sense. I don't think its pointless because there's a lot of couples that are unable to conceive, given there's adoption, but that doesn't make it pointless. To each his own.

  • How many kids to you have already? And why does your father in law have a say? What does your husband say? Its your body. You should have a right to what goes on with it.

    • This is my first baby. I don't know how my hubby feels he seems indifferent to the sex of the child. My father in law is old fashioned and kinda annoying..

    • So what's the problem then? Ignore him. If this is your first you need to relax.. there's a possibility you'll want another one once your first one gets older.

    • And you never know.. it could be a boy. (: