Why did he ask me to marry him so early?

We've been together for 5 months, I love him but that's not a very long time. We didn't even made love yet, but I never said I wanted to wait for marriage or anything.

I'm only 18, I never thought I'd be married before I even go to college. He is a few years older so maybe, that's why he is thinking differently about this?

We will both move out for college next fall. We will go to different schools but in the same city, well actually they are even cooperating, I'll be a freshman at Barnard and he'll get his ph.D at columbia, and he said we should share an appartment.

I'm just a bit overwhelmed. Can someone help me to understand him a bit more, because I don't get him at all?


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  • He might want to lock you down since once you go to college you are going to see hot guys everywhere and want to party a little bit. Marriage is kind of overkill but maybe that is part of it. He probably sees himself as ready but of course he hasn't considered your feelings on the subject yet. I don't think you should do it since you two are not in harmony with each other yet. There are misunderstandings that need to be sorted out.

    • but we'll pretty much go to the same University, I'll take as many classes at columbia as I can if it helps any, I don't see what he would be concerned about

      Ironically I always complained that most guys don't want anything serious, be careful what you wish for I guess.

      It's not that I don't love him, I want to marry him someday but this just too early

    • Well you will still have your friends dragging you to parties where guys will get you drunk and try to bang you and every boyfriend knows this. I still say he might want to lock you down so you don't get corrupted or change much on him; even though you still have some growing to do. You should tell him that you love him but you need more time. I personally think sharing an apartment isn't bad, but 5 months is a little early for that and way too early for marriage.

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