How do you discuss marriage with a new boyfriend?

I know he's the one.he really treats me good,we are constantly talking to each other.How do I tell him he is the one without chasing him away


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  • Marriage is a serious subject and not something that you talk about in the early stages of a relationship.

    If you do then you will scare him and push him away.

    You need to build some foundations first. You need to have trust and communication in the relationship. You need to know about each other and understand each other and this is something that comes in time.

    It is good that you are feeling happy and are having those feelings but if the relationship is new or even a few month old then it is way to early to know that he is the one. You are in lust which is great and I'm happy for you.

    You just need to slow down and go with the flow. Let nature take it's course and naturally progress. Enjoy your time together and don't push for anything to happen. You can not force love to happen and you can not force marriage. When the time is right the discussion will happen and if you are meant to be then marriage will happen.

    But please for now don't say anything and ruin the relationship. Just enjoy things as they are.

    Also remember guys are on different wave lengths to girls when it comes to marriage.


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  • take your time! guys will get freaked out if you talk about that. how long have you been dating? there's a whole bunch of things that go into getting married. 3-6 months after you start dating things change.. not always bad.. they just change to their normal selves. people naturally want other people to like them and talk about them so they'll become something that they're not. If it's been less than 6 months just wait.. after a person hangs out with someone enough. they start to show off what they're really like because they're more comfortable around them. I would wait to see how the relationship goes too. Do you fight at all? If not someone has complete control in this relationship and that doesn't work in a marriage because it's a 50/50 thing. I'm not saying you fight 24/7 but a fight every so often maybe like once every 3-4 months can actually build a stronger bond between you both when it is resolved fairly.


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  • don't tell him he's the one, let time tell him that

  • You don't. If you think you will get married then you have plenty of time to talk about it later on when the relationship is more serious and ready to go on to that level. If you do it too soon you will just scare him away and then you won't be marrying him anyways so in the end it was pointless to even tell him. Wait until the time is right and you truly know each other. You don't get to REALLY know someone in the first few months. Sometimes not even in the first few years.

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