What are things that women do that leads to a marriage meltdown?

and what do men do that easily can lead to a marriage meltdown?


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  • This goes for both genders:



    -Not making an effort to communicate well

    -Not showing affection or making time for your spouse

    -Not prioritizing your spouse's feelings or needs

    -Not doing things to keep the relationship feeling romantic

    -Changing in a major way as a person


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  • For women it is controlling and manipulation. They seduce and marry a perfectly fine man and then attempt to mold him into dependent servants. For men it is extramarital affairs. They believe that the supplemental sex they are getting outside the house is their right and try to convince themselves and their wives that means nothing while they destroy their marriages and their children.

  • Treat their husbands like sh*t every day, take them for granted, and cheat on them. When they are done they get over half your take home salary and child support. Have fun