How can I make him happy or cheer him up?

I am friends with my ex boyfriend... we have been together for only a month... had a fight after a month of our break up... didn't speak for 5 months... and we became friends 2 months ago... he calls every other day or I call him every other day... the thing is he got engaged in January to a girl he doesn't like (he is currently dating another girl and wants to marry her.. But because he got engaged to another girl because of him parents)... we were friends before going out and he use to be a happy cheerful person... but ever since his engagement he been serious and doesn't talk much (all he says is what else... what's up with u... ummm... ok.. Ahhh...)... I feel like he wants to talk to me more then he does... but because of the break up he doesn't... he know I still love him... but I want him to forget that because I made up my mind that we are just friends... my main concern is what can I say or do that I could make him feel comfortable... or at least make him happy... make him open up... he has called me more then I called him so I know he wants to be friends... and once we were talking online he told me he likes talking to me... I made him feel fresh... (that day was the first time he had talked like he did before he got engaged... he had finally joked around that day...) however he never joked like that after that day... how can I bring that side out of him... or try to... because I want to see him happy... and become that good friend I promised that I would be... also I know this might not happen but I also want him to talk to me about his girlfriend (the reason we broke up)... like if they is something going on or something he wants to ask regarding her... I want him to be comfortable talking to me about her like he did before... and I am not going to bash they relationship... I can't bring back times but I want to at least bring a smile on his face... I just want to be the friend I promised to be but I can't when he is acting like that...

Also what's up with calling me at night... every other day when he calls he always calls me before going to bed... like he would only talk to me for most likely 15mins... and then say its night we should go to sleep... like today we only talked 5 mins and he said we should go to sleep... I don't know what to make out of that... he calls every other day if I don't call... so I really don't know what to make out of that...


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