When talking to a girl...what do you notice most?

Like while you are actually engaged in conversation. Is there anything in particular you find cute, like maybe how she looks at you, bites her lip, etc? Anything you find annoying?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a girl you like either.

Is there anything a girl can do while talking to you that might give you the impression she's interested? Or anything she can do to kind of tell you to "F off" so to speak, without actually saying it? Haha.


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  • In terms of her speaking style, I pay attention to how fast she's talking and how often she says "like", or "umm". The faster she talks and the more she has those self interruptions, the less interesting the conversation is, because I start to think that she is talking just to talk, and isn't taking much time to think or care about what she's saying.

    As for mannerisms, I pay attention to her hands and her eyes. If she is making eye contact most of the time, I'll feel much more engaged. If she is darting her eyes all over the place, I'll feel less a part of the conversation. With her hands, it's good to have non-verbal gestures as part of a speaking style, but constant nervous tics, like grasping at your shirt sleeves or flailing your hands around constantly, are distracting and make a girl appear unassertive, which is a turnoff for me.

    • I tend to ramble mindlessly and talk faster when I'm nervous. Especially if I'm talking to a guy I like. XD I think it grew from wanting to avoid those awkward silences, so I adapted to fill them in with ANYTHING. Now it's a bad habit. :(

      But interesting that characteristics mostly associated with being nervous or shy are a turnoff. On the opposite spectrum of things I find when a guy is flustered when talking to me it's kind of endearing and cute.

    • Yeah I think that's a very person-by-person sort of thing. I'm very attracted to assertive girls, where it seems that a lot of guys tend not to be, so I guess they may prefer the shy techniques.

    • Haha yeah I sometimes ramble to. . . Or I can't think of anything to say and then I use weird hand gestures which people somehow find funny haha. Thanks guys!

  • I always notice the way she looks at me for the most part, or if she fidgets with her jewelry, or anything while she's talking to me. As far as her displaying any signs of interest, eye contact, dilated pupils, voice tone, playing or tossing with her hair would indicate but not mean she's interested. As being told to 'F' off, being cold and silent would be good enough for me to leave her alone.


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