How to you plan a wedding?

my best friend from High School is getting married next summer, and she's asked me to be her maid of honor and her wedding planner. Before you say that that's too much to ask, I am honestly very very excited about helping her plan her wedding! I've already designed a cake, and monograms, and an amazing, cost-efficient invitation, escort card, place card system, but I am not really experienced with this, so I need to know some of your experiences. What are the most important things to get done early? What costs can you eliminate by doing things differently? (for example, we are doing a small wedding cake for the cake cutting, and then cupcakes for the guests.) What things am I probably going to forget if I don't know about wedding planning? Do you have any other advice for me? It would be very much appreciated! I want to make her day as magical as possible :)


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  • Get a bridal magazine. They have time lines for a wedding.

    The Internet has information.


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