Am I the worst girlfriend ever?

My wonderful boyfriend of 18 months asked me to marry him 2 days ago.I kind of freaked out and said I needed time to think.I love him truly but I have serious trust issues from my previous relationships and I panicked.He hasn't called since and I'm not sure what to do now.I really don't want this to be the end of us.Do I call him or give him some time?


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  • Before you even think of getting married to anyone, you should think of the consequences. As in, the future with that person, if you can endure the obstacles you come apon, and many more. Also, you mentioned you have trust problems still? If you can't overcome that trust problem then you shouldn't be in any relationship yet. Its best to be honest with your partner. I understand previous relationships will cause your confidence level to drop (honesty, etc) but you need to move on and get overcome that fear/obstacle. And he hasn't called? That's very interesting but don't make any assumptions yet. Misunderstandings will cause problems later. Instead, keep your mind open ( I know its hard to). Your partner could either be giving you some time, he's scared of your answer since you panicked, and etc or he could be not serious about the marriage thing. In my opinion, Its best to give yourself and him some time to think about this... no rush should take place. Call him up to somewhere and meet him face to face and talk about it. Don't do it by voice to voice by phone.


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  • Well first of all, you're not the worst girlfriend ever. So yes you hesitated during a proposal which is ok! marriage is a big thing that can change your life just from a one word answer. You two have a long relationship but you need to learn to trust your boyfriend and not compare him with your previous relationships, he is a different person than those other guys and its not his fault that you couldn't trust your past boyfriends. You told him that you needed time to think so he is letting you have that time so when you're READY to call and explain to him then you do but for now I think you just need to relax and calm down and think about the decision. If its not the right time for you to get married and you don't feel yet comfortable taking that next chapter in life, then tell him. Tell him that you love him and want to be with him and I'm sure everything will be fine, I don't think he would end it with you because you panicked.

  • If he loves you enough to marry you, this shouldn't be a reason for him not to call you. If he's upset, give him some time to get over it. Don't let him guilt you into anything.

    I think you should call him and get these issues out into the open. Like I said, don't let him guilt you into anything you're not ready for.

  • It's completely normal that you panicked. You're still very young and 18 months isn't that much of a period you'd say you totally understand each other and know him so well. I think you were being honest which is great. If he loves you truly and deeply, he'll be understanding.

    What you need to do is to contact him and explain your point of view. Tell him that you panicked and that does not mean you don't love him. If you think it's too early to be thinking of marriage, then tell him that. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion.

    If he gave you the silent treatment, then give him space to cool off. Don't let him force you on something you don't want to do.

    Call him, be honest and share everything together. Hope this helps. :)

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