When a girl joke about getting married to a millionare...

when a girl joke about getting married to a millionare and the guy tell her that it is not hard for her to get a millionare ...

does that means that he finds her good looking?


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  • Or that most millionaires are old and ugly. It really depends on the situation and the people involved.

    • hmm we werent talking about specific ppl, it was in general

    • Personally I think any young girl can marry a millionaire, as long as she's not picky with age and looks. So that statement in itself would not mean anything. But if you can read the guy involved... does he think things through like that or did he want a response... Is she pretty or is it an odd thing to say about her? That weighs in. At the very least if a guy says that, at least he is polite enough to not be an a**hole about any avances made by the girl.

  • that would make sense to me


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