Is he thinking of proposing? Guys only please!

i have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and we are thinking about moving in together 'soon', as he always says its going to happen. he always brings up marriage and kids in the future. we talk about finances and he quit smoking cigs about 4 months after we started dating when I asked him if he ever wondered about quitting. I'm not trying to sound desperate. I'm just trying to have some insight in the mind of a guy. he recently got two jobs, which means he is working 7 days a week. he truly is working his hardest towards paying off his debts and getting his own place, always including me in his future plans. I was curious, is it possible he is thinking about something more serious with me? any advice to how guys act before they plan on popping the question?


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  • I would say that he is not thinking of doing it in the immediate future, but in near-mid range future if he is doing all of that. Rings have an average price-point, for a good quality ring, of around $4,000-7,000, at would get him maybe a 0.56-.75 ct., which given the fact that you said he is paying down his debts is probably money he could use for that which is much more pertinent than buying a ring for someone who potentially wants to be with him forever.


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