I asked early about how do you know if your boyfriend of seven months is truly sincere about marriage. and my boyfriend has asked me but we are both still in school. I'm graduating this year and he graduates next year. but we have a lot in common as well a few differences in character. he says he is serious about the situation and has even offered to ask my parents for permission before he actually proposes. my parents are from the old school and consider that this a wise choice. I told him that I wanted to let them know about our feelings. I love him and he treats me like my father does. my parents adore him as well as my brother. many people think that we are made for one another. we had sex but we felt this way before sex was even brought up into the equation. now after sex, I have discover a true knowledgeable and sensitive side to him. he's open up more....it is lust or love? or is it the real thing now that you know more about the situation?


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  • It sounds pretty promising! There is no rule against getting engaged for years and married after you finish school and are ready to financially start a new life together, you know? You could exchange promise rings or something so you'll both be wearing symbols. Marriage is not something you want to rush into - there is PLENTY of time to do that later. Now you should enjoy being young and free and in love!

  • If he asks then that's a good sign. 7 months is usually way too soon to tell though, for both of you.