Do you think you missed your chance with the "ONE"?

i think I have. he's married to another girl and seems on the other hand, I wish I had taken a all I have is regret


what about you? missed out on someone who you feel is the one? regrets? no regrets? found some else?


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  • Not anymore. I believe when it came to the "one" or so I thought, I would give a 100% and I do what I can and whatever it takes to pull through to try to make it work.

    The thing is you can only do but so much and without the other person giving it their all there is pretty much no point. Sometimes certain situations come about and it's not always fair. Sometimes its the other person and sometimes it just timing or perhaps both.

    It's hard to walk away whether it be from someone who you were in a relationship with or someone you felt that was meant for you.

    It's truly rare to come across someone that you have a genuine connection with on many different levels and maybe you feel as though you will ever feel that again for someone.

    Of course, when you find someone else who you believe to be the person you want to spend your life with because you have once again fallen in love that it should not be compared to the last love that you have felt before especially if you still feel as though you lost out on him, how can you truly move on if you still hold on to what you once thought was perfect or meant to be? I believe when you fall in love each time that it will be different for obvious reasons and that what you had before was something that may have been special to you but what you find in the person who has made you feel something that you may not have felt in a long time is something that is truly amazing.

    I regretted it at the time because I was still set in the mind set of loving him and looking at it like tunnel vision and I realized that it's not the way it use to be and it probably never will be again. That maybe the love that I felt was the only love that was left between us and that if he had gotten to a place where you go when you move on and leave what is no longer important and have no qualms about it then there was no reason for mi to stay. Looking at it differently made mi realize that I did all that I could have and I can not ask anymore of miself than that and that is why I realize there is nothing left to regret when you give all you can.

    If you did not feel like reading that then simply...Yes, No, No.

    • lol I read the entire thing. Thank you for such a great answer! I feel that I really missed out on something great, but since he's married with tow beautiful kids there's nothing that can happen, except try to move on and not make the same mistake again.

      Thank you :)

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    • thanks :) and good luck to you too!

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  • I am in the process right THis girl is amazing in everyway.. but something is holding her bac.. but she did open up about how se freaked herself out and pushed me away to protect her sheild she has up with guys...I told her sometime in life you need to take a chance and that we have something special and we should let it play out to see what happens... she told me I am amazing and said she has a lot of positive thoughts about things now... not sure how to take it... but hopefully she does because there is no way I am letting her go without putting everything I have into showing her how special and wonferful she is. Hopefully it turns out

  • I thought I did, and its too long of a story to tell, but now that I look back on it, breaking up was the best thing that could have happened to me.

  • Don't be too hard on yourself, I took every opportunity I saw, and none of them turned out well, sometimes it's just not meant to be.

  • nope, I've never been with anyone or had any interest in anyone beofre

  • Yes, I missed my chance with the one woman I've ever been in love with, and I'm 99.9999% sure that she's moved on. I never will though, and I'll never forgive myself for being so childish and insecure with her when it mattered.


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  • yes.

    i have no idea where he is right now.

    i wish I would've told him how I felt back in high school. I had a feeling I shouldve just told him how I felt but I was just too afraid.

    he had a girlfriend. even though she didn't come to our school, it prevented me from doing telling him.

    yet I had a feeling he liked me. when I was alone, he always tried to walk close to me as he walked past me. almost touching my arm. and the way he would look into my eyes as we passed each other felt like he might have felt something from me. in class, he was always staring at me. he seemed like a serious guy but I knew that he was a good guy. he even sat next to me a couple of times. he didn't seem very happy when people took his seat. ha ha :D

    but I didn't tell him anything. I just let him go. its been 2 years since I last saw him. but I still get the reoccurring dreams every so often. I feel like I've moved on but whenever a question like this is asked, I feel like I need to answer it. and then it makes me cry. ha ha :,l

    im probably not completely over him. I really would like to see him again. and I would tell him how I felt in high school. maybe it'll help me heal. sorry for the long rant.

    • sorry for making you feel bad :( I'm the same way...i think I'm over him and then somehow BAM I get a thought and I'm back to thinking WHAT IF? its the worst feeling in the world...i hope you meet him soon and tell him and have peace of mind!

    • i know.

      and what's worse is that I had already saw this coming and knew I would regret but I didn't do anything about it.

      thank you. I hope so too.