Seriously girls, why is it that you always want?

what you cannot have. This girl and I use to be really close a few years ago and I made a huge effort to initiate things (a relationship) and she just very politely kind of ignored it and pretended like it did not happen. It has been a couple years since I have heard from her really. Well now, I am engaged and now she is texting me and talking and it seems almost flirty friendly like she wants to try going out and she even knows I am engaged. So, she knows she cannot have me, but now she is acting like she wants a shot with me. Girls, why is it that girls want what they can't have?


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  • Girls like what other girls want. Girls don't want guys that other girls don't want. A woman wants to secure a guy that other girls couldn't.


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  • Because they're thieves. Malicious, succubus thieves.

  • You don't have to be a girl to show this type of behavior.