Married?! How do I ask him? Or should I just cut him off?

Met this guy recently and we've gone on a several dates, one of which ended up in intemacy. Today I decided to look him up on Facebook so I could show my friend a picture of him, because I was really starting dig this guy. To my surprise, almost all of his profile pictures were of him and a girl. From what I gather, I think she is his wife! And the most recent one was from about a month ago. I definitely want to confront him, but I just don't know how. I would never be in a relationship with someone who was married or had a girlfriend.

Background info

He's in the Army. He has an apartment and lives with a roommate. He's lived in town for 4 years. I'm assuming that she is also in the military.

He never gave me his last name. I just saw it on his Army hat, one day when I went over to his apartment. That's how I found him on FB.

And by reading the comments on his pictures, I'm pretty sure it's his wife.


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  • You dated. You talked. And apparently he didn't give any clue that there might be another woman. So ask. Be calm. The woman could be a sister, cousin, whatever. Yea, it must have been freaky, but then he had photos on fb, knew you could look them up.

    So be calm and ask. Then, your call. If you think he is lieing to you, or he admits to another then go ahead and dump him.

    Remember, we still have "innocent until" in this country.

    Good luck...

    • I think fb provided enough evidance to prove him guilty, but I'll still ask.

    • I thought it might, but still. A,friend lost a job because the interviewer thought the fb post was nasty...that dress to sexy. It was fitting for the date she had and had nothing to do with the job. That is why I don't like to rush. Still, good luck. If he is, dumb of him, sorry for you...

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  • He doesn't seem to be hiding her if he has her in pics you can easily see with access to his FB page. He's been around for a few years, lives with a roomie and apparently isn't expecting to have a 'wife' pop in on him at his apartment. So yea, just ask him, "who's the girl in all your pics?" Not threateningly or demanding, try to be calm so if it is his sis you don't look like a jealous neurotic

    • I guess you'll be a bit more inquisitive of your next hopeful suitor...? I'm sorry if it turns out that he is a cheat, especially sorry that didn't think you should have to check him out before letting it go so far.

      Still, it's possible that there is a reasonable explanation. Maybe they're divorced due to the separation, but still best friends..?

  • What makes you so sure they're married?

    • By reading the comments of the pictures. There was one that she specifically commented and said something about him and esposo (which means husband in Spanish).

    • To be fair, it's not uncommon for opposite gender friends who are close to playfully refer to each other as husband or wife. I see it all the time on Facebook, at work, people I went to school with. I had a friend in college who told people I was her mail order husband. You could still bring it up with him but I don't think this is worth worrying too much about if that's all you've got to go on. Just calmly mention it to him some time and try not to come off as if you're accusing him of something.

    • Good advise. Thanks

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