How can you tell a guy is married?

i was dating an older guy in his early 30s and something is fishy about him...he swore he wasn't married but could these be signs?

we weren't exclusive thought so maybe he was just with other women or something?

1) he never invited me to his place

2) we mostly saw each other during the day.

3) his phone calls were during the day

4)he abbreviated my name in his phone..made me really suspicious

5) he won't let me on his Facebook and showed me a list of other women he won't add

6) I never met anyone he knows

(Then again since we weren't dating so long and not exclusive maybe this is just how it is when you aren't "the one")

here's why I think he isn't:

1) he would text me all times of the day. we would text days nights weekends he seemed too available for a married man

2) I asked him if he was married and he took it calmly unlike when I interrogated him about something else and he got mad, plus he jokes about having a wife and kids so if he was hiding it I think he'd be more tense

3)he makes it very clear that we are together in public

4) he pays with credit cards

5) he let me examine his fingers for tan lines

i hope he wasn't married but I never had sex with him luckily.


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  • Could cut both ways. Not sure, but text at night/weekends, but text sounds like he doesn't want to be overheard. I shorten,most names on my phone, so I wouldn't read much into that. I would have to do some decent cleaning before bringing you (anyone) to my place, housekeeping being a weak point (major) of mine.

    Don't fb, not sure meaning. Not meeting friends, well, as you say, maybe to soon. But being seen in public, and any PDA (you didn't say) good sign.

    I am divorced, never done this, but would never joke about wife, kids.

    Think you need to know more...which isn't much help. But for now, I would say don't sleep with him...and suggest you both get tested. Should be a good idea anyway...

    • yes a lot of pda kissing holding hands etc

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    • it seems like he is being very cautious he told me he had been cheated on and also he had a long term relationship a few years ago and I don't know for sure but my gut tells me that hurt him but he is just so secretive and I feel like he mostly wants me for selfish reasons and being with a guy who won't let me into his life or commit to me just really hurts me, lately I hurt and I am in the process of ending it but it's hard,i think leaving is best now but it hurts all the same.

    • Might need more than pda. And if you are both hurting, you might hirt each other without meaning I repeat, you got good feelings, trust them. Whatever, happiness to you :)

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  • Lack of talking vs. texting at night makes me think he doesn't want to be overheard.

  • when his wallet is empty

    when thinking about being alone makes him smile

    when thinking about being dead makes him smile

    when he shows no sign of having a backbone

    when you can hear him cry at night

    when he's afraid of the sound of a womens voice

    when he's better at oral than intercorse


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  • If he won't see/talk to you at night beware. Any time there is a time of day that you can't be with them it usually means something. I know this from experience. Also the tan lines mean nothing it seems most guys don't wear a ring these days. Also his reluctance for you to be at his place, on his fb, or meet his friends gives me great pause. I think he very well may be. And using a credit card it could be one he is hiding from his wife just sayin.

    • he texts me a lot at night for hours but I am hesitant

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    • Well it might be for the best. As I said I am well versed in all the tricks and sadly still got involved with another one, granted she lived like 4 hours away and I honestly had no idea I just thought it was his baby momma. So my reasoning is at this point if in doubt don't do it since I am trying to turn over a new leaf and all.

    • so true it is easy to close your eyes and look the other way when you like someone but who wants to be the other woman? I want to get married myself someday and I am very young..only in my early 20s but I always had a fascination with older guys, but now I learned my lesson

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