How many marriages tend to be the result of an unplanned pregnancy?

Is it usual? Is it rare? Like 50/50? one of 10 marriages?


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  • Not even close to 1:10. There's much less stigma these days about unwed mothers, plus getting married just because of an unplanned pregnancy is a TERRIBLE idea. It almost never works out, and usually ends up being worse for everyone, including the kid.

    • Totally agree.

    • Really? People actually marry JUST because of pregnancy? I was thinking they liked each other and pregnancy fast forward the relationship (like my parents and they're still married). I never thought people would marry their baby mama/daddy only because they were their baby mama/daddy.

    • It definitely happens, yes. Lots of girls are broken up before they even find out they are pregnant, and then the guy will feel like he "has to do the right thing" and marry her, and she is scared and doesn't want to be alone, so she agrees. But it rarely works out.

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  • I don't know any percentages or figures, but I know of at least 3 cases of it.

    Apparently it's bad luck to date me and then see someone else right after we breakup


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  • i think it was a lot more common several decades ago, like in the 60s and earlier, I don't know if there are "stats" on this, but it was definitely more common before society was as free about sex and contraception and also bigger on marriage