Joking about being married?

There's this guy and this is the third time he has joked about us being married, and if he said it once and nobody else was around okay, but he's said it numerous times and a lot of people have been around. Why would he do this? It gets kind of awkward... So I suppose I'm asking why would he ask this, have any of you guys ever joked with a girl about being married to her?


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  • I think he just really likes you, and kinda makes a joke about it so he doesn't need to say it to you directly.

    He keeps saying it cause you problably don't really give any attention to what he is saying right?

    The only reason I could come up with is that he just likes you and tries to give you a hint.

    I never joked about being married to someone, cause that's serious for me. He could be making a joke but I still think that its really a hint for liking you!

    So just ask him why he is saying that, it'll make you feel a lot better!

    • haha thank you! I'm really bad at all this flirting and relationship stuff haha

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