Have you ever proposed and regretted it or got denied? and Why?

Have you ever proposed and regretted it or got denied? and Why? Did you not get the signals, or misinterpreted them or were you not ready yourself?


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  • I was engaged (he proposed at his brothers wedding reception!) I should've known then. How rude and tacky is that? Luckily he didn't have the ring yet. I said yes (mostly out of shock), but I regret it because we definently weren't meant for each other. I think people get so caught up in the excitement of engagements, rings, and happily ever after (or think this is their last shot at love), that they try to force it and tell themselves it's just the jitters. It's not. My excuse is that I was young, and it was my first true adult relationship. But If you truly want to be with someone for the rest of your life, you'll dive in headfirst.

    Guys, women always appreciate it if you're honest. Sometimes that means rejection, but that's one less woman that's keeping you from "the one". Don't forget that. One day a woman will come along and make up for all the rejection you've ever sustained. Just wait for it! :)


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  • I regretted because I got denied :)

    • I just got shot down now, so I know the feeling :(