Is there a point to marriage?

If you are living together and not married, you are taxed less, and if you break up you may still have to get a lawyer to fight over who owns what, and if there are kids involved you still have to fight over custody. So it is just like going through a divorce anyway.

I don't see any advantage to marriage unless you want to let someone into the country. I think marriage should be a legal contract that carries penalties if you break that contract, but that is not the case. If it is not a legal contract, then there should be no laws to do with marriage. What are your thoughts on the meaning of marriage today? What kind of penalties should be given if someone breaks certain vows of marriage? What should the vows of marriage even be?

  • Marriage should not be a legal contract.
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  • Marriage should be a legal contract with penalties for breaking that contract.
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  • Marriage is outdated and needs to be abolished.
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  • Marriage is a legal contract, and it is enforced by law the way it should be.
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  • Marriage should be nothing more than a prenup that the two have agreed to before hand.
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Just want to let you know that this doesn't have anything to do with me being against gay marriage. I personally think that legally speaking marriage should be a prenup with agreed to vows, and penalties. For example if someone cheats, you might both agree that if on of you cheats on the other, that person gets nothing in the divorce. Or maybe they only get 20% in the divorce, or whatever the amount was agreed to at the time.
I see that people are really divided on this one. If prenups were upheld in court more often, instead of being thrown out, then that might solve a lot of the problems.


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  • I think that most people get married for the traditional reasons, and get handed a legal contract that no sane person would sign (if they are the higher income one).


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  • it just depends on your beliefs. personally I would not have children with a man who did not marry me. marriage is supposed to be permanent, and girlfriend/boyfriend is often temporary. if a man just sees me as his temporary girlfriend, where we could break up at any time and he could walk away easily..why would I want to be the mother of his child? having kids is a much bigger commitment than marriage is, and if he can't even form a proper family with me by getting married, why the hell would I trust him to do right by me and the kids? everyone has their own opinion though, there isn't really a right or wrong answer

  • From what I understand marriage already is a legal contract but I agree there should be penalties if it's broken, like in the example you said. But if you want that you can get a prenup.

    I'm not sure about taxes, I heard it's cheaper if you're married. But there are lot of legal regulations that make being married usefull at time.

    My uncle had a very serious accident 5 years ago and he died 3 months later. He even had a child with my aunt but they weren't married and you have no idea how much more difficult everything is then when you're not married

  • Operating on the negative does not make something a bad thing. In your question summary you missed an example...what if you fall madly in love get married have kids and stay together happy? Marriage was created for the positive, the benefits, love, laws to protect those who made a commitment to each other in estate planning, records of family history and lineage etc. If you go into it negative a negative outcome is inevitable. Hope this helps

  • youre looking at the legal side of marriage, and that's it. I guess marriage is really just you becoming legally connected to someone...but to a lot of people it means a lot more than that, and it should! lol. but...hey. if you don't see an advantage to marriage...well..., just remember that on your wedding day. lol. ;P

    • If marriage has no legal meaning, then why does the government regulate and keep track of it? That is what I am having trouble understanding. If the government wants to have any say in who, what, or how many people, or how many things we marry, then marriage needs to have a solid legal meaning behind it. Otherwise legally it doesn't have meaning. Shouldn't marriage mean more than that?

    • thats exactly what I meant...marriage is a legal/government thing. everything in this world has something to do with the government tho...ok. not literally.. I don't believe its right the government can say who can marry and who cannot, its sick. but if you're getting married, usually you're thinking about the love, not the government/legal aspect. There's a wide range of opinions on this subject. but I see where you're coming from 100%.

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  • I think it's OK for Marriage to be a legal contract, but I think that there shouldn't be tax breaks or any incentives to be married. There shouldn't be anything hampering/harming it either. it should just be neutral. Something that people do cause they love each other and want to be married with each other. Not to get a tax break or to get some benefits of whatever other kind or something.

  • Being married grants you rights in filing taxes and getting access in hospitals.

    • Married couples are taxed more, and if I understand Obama Care, everyone is going to have health insurance anyway.

    • Only Immediate family are allowed in hospital rooms sometimes.

    • Well I guess there is that.

  • It's more of a traditional thing I think. It may be outdated but I don't see too many problems with it, and it's not like you're obligated to get married.