Is there trouble in his marrriage?

If a married man likes, and has told another woman he likes her, and has showed all the signs of liking her, essentially emotional infidelity, is it possible he has trouble in his marriage with his wife?


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  • It seems you may be confusing "like" and "love"

    -I like my (now ex) secretary because she's an intelligent and gourageous little woman. I told it her and when her husband broke her a rib I brought her flowers. When I was in hospital back then she visited me. I call her about every three months to hear how her daughters and grandchildren fare (I knew her daughters when they were in elementary school)

    -I like my best female friend and advised her on how to get paid more. I'll call her about once a month (she's deppressive) . Of course, I told her I lke her but she knew that already decades ago.

    Both are single now and have been single for years.

    If you think that's "emotional infidelity" towards my wife, then I'm happy that my wife doesn't share your PoV.

    Friendship is a very real concept, known since early humanoids became human .

    Thus, NO, we've no trouble in our marriage. My wife is the only woman I love (she has been the only one since we started)


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  • No, not necessarily.


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  • its possible. but more likely, because he has trouble with himself. Likely he's selfish and horny.

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