Guys; Marriage Jokes?

The guy I'm interested in was texting me tonight and starting joking about 'Wifing me up,' because I'm a good cook. I joked back and said 'If you like it then you better put a ring on it,' The conversation led to him saying watch out and it could happen if this other guy he doesn't know but I'm friends with doesn't beat him to it.

Later in the conversation he asks if I want a military husband because of a show I was watching and my interest in joining the military.

I realize he's not trying to marry me lol but do guy friends usually inquire about these things or is he just trying to feel me out about these situations?


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  • Feel you out. I'm surprised you didn't know this, women do it all the damn time, for every reason.

  • I think he's just being playful and seeing your reactions to what he says.


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