What are the signs he wants to propose?

We've seen the "signs he's in love with me" questions, but guys, how do you start to change once you've decided you want to a propose to a girl?

Girls, if you have had a proposal, what was things you picked up on right before he popped the question?


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  • If I wanted to propose I would start asking question about where the significant other would want to do with their life. If they wanted kids, what kind of husband would they want, who would they want to spend the rest of their life with. You might notice him either getting more romantic, or getting nervous. O have never proposed or been proposed to, but I figure that might help.

    • Hmm! Interesting! For the record, I don't think he is going to pop the question anytime soon, was more a curiousity thing! I know he wants to marry me, but he's said to me before "I want to know 100%" and "it's a tradition in my family to give the girl an eternity ring first". Was more curious how the change happens in a guys mind! Do they go all off and secretive?

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