Why does my mother think that her marriage is superior to my relationship?

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship and my mom likes to downplay it a lot because were not married yet. she's been married for over 15 years to my step dad but her marriage is crap and pretty meaningless, their not in love and I honestly think they never were, their only together for connivance. They fight constantly like brother and sister, their not attracted to each other, they don't touch, laugh or do anything together, mostly she seems disgusted by him. She gets annoyed when my boyfriend does sweet things for me and squeals like a child whose grossed out by romance. Most of my relationships were intensely romantic like this, she says she was never like that. Its sad because I wonder if she's ever really been in love. I'm an adult and we've been together two years and plan to marry someday. Because she's older and married she makes me feel like my relationship is nothing and not worthy of complete commitment because its not written in stone. I respect that she's lived through a lot more than me but I don't feel like her advice on love is superior because I don't know if she's ever experienced what I have. What makes her marriage better than my relationship?


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  • I can kind of agree, most high school relationships I see don't last very long. It sounds like she may just be extremely bitter..

    • thats true, I've had puppy love and high school relationships but this is not that, were adults and we take out commitment seriously.

    • After marriage and moving in, it gets different. Most people seem to stop the random gifts and things, she may be thinking of this but it is probably also mixed with bitterness and jealousy.

  • She thinks that because she's older than you.

    • I don't think that's a good enough reason

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