What's your ideal woman to marry?

Overall what would her qualities be, values, outlook on life, physical attributes, character traits, personality...etc.?

What's "one" thing that would totally deter you from marrying her?


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  • Someone with enough brains or common sense I should say. She's adventurous, Athletic, sweet/bubbly, caring. Honestly I just sort of want her to be in this natural auroa where she's completely comfortable in her skin. Her outlook on life probablly a lot more postive than mine for sure haha. As far as looks are concerned I can't say I have a certain type, but I do like a girl covered in tattoos.


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  • The one I'm engaged to =D

    It isn't really just one thing or another, like physical attributes and such, it's more like and summary of all things together.

    My fiancé is a really cute, passionate, caring woman.

    Suuure, she isn't perfect, but I also ain't. We all got our problems, and we should always work about getting over them =)

    In my opinion, mutual love, respect and passion is the most important things.

    And, for the "one" thing...

    Betrayal. That's me, but I can't get over a betrayal, after so much we've passed through.

    Hope this helps!


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  • being a married woman, I would tell you the man who will love you and want to marry you is someone who will love you just the way you are. :)

    asking this question is like asking what color people around the world like :)

    but usually men who down to earth and want to settle down would look at a woman's confidence:) the more strong and confident you act and feel, the more attractive you become to men who are mature enough to want to settle down a WIFE :)

    • True, I have no problems with this, just wanted to know what would most men base their decision off to commence with marriage..

    • I always thought to myself that I need to have achivement in this world and be super smart, and what not to be attractive to a man . when I met my husband, I was my true self , eg being caring (cuz I cared about him), smiling usually (cuz I'm just not the type to frown and be srious all the time). I acted like he was my dad and that he was my protector, but when we got home our roles changed :) I was hi mommy and took care of his diet and made sure he was feeling relaxed..

    • be interested in what hey have to say. ask them questions, but don't forget to brag about how awesomely cool you are :) all women are unique and wonderful! :)

      I guess that is how I was that made my husband fall in love and want to marry me right away :)

  • I know this was meant for men to answer but I am going to anyway. I have to have a man that I can respect and be in awe of, someone who is more intelligent than I am or intelligent in a completely different way that is a must as well as a sense of humor and no temper

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