Ever been in a wedding party yet? Not including bride and groom

I'm almost 30 and I still have not been a flower girl (well too old for that now) or bridesmaid. I really want to be a bridesmaid! My boyfriend's best friend is getting married this Sept. which we're invited to. But we're not in the wedding party. It kind of sucks, but whatever. I know the groom is having a bachelor party that my boyfriend is going to. I don't know if the bride is having one. She hasn't told me the date yet. Actually I'm gonna message her now on Facebook if she's gonna have one.

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  • Yes as a flower girl or boy
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  • Yes as a maid of honor or best man
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  • Best man & then demoted to usher in another other wedding.

    Are you here for the Bride or Groom?

    That's as bad as asking if you'd like fries with your order.

    • What do you mean if I'm her for the bride or groom? I'm friends with both of them.

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    • We're sitting on his side. Although I'm not sure how it will be set up because they're getting married on a boat. Then the reception is on an island.

    • I would imagine they will be an isle in the middle of the seating. You sit to the left for the bride & left for the groom.

      I'm assuming since it's your boyfriend best friend you will be sitting on the grooms site just like you wrote..

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What Guys Said 3

  • I've been the best man twice and the groomsmen(believe that's the term for male maid of honor) once.

    I have to say... being the groomsmen was way more fun then being the best man based on the evenings before ^_-

  • nope. I hope to be in one someday tho.

    i hear girls get horny at wedding lol

  • Ever been in a wedding party? No.


What Girls Said 2

  • Bridesmaid and maid of honour both are overrated. Yes its an honour to be asked but its not as enjoyable as being just a guest as basically you're on duty, doing a job and you don't really relax

    • Very true for girls.

    • I did not know you had a job to do for a bridesmaid. I know the maid of honor does a lot of work setting up things and whatnot. Good to know.

    • As part of the wedding party its your job to ensure everyone is having a good time, the bride is enjoying herself and you are available at her beck and call

  • I haven't. But I just had lunch with an old friend today who I haven't seen in 3 years, and she said that she wants me to be in her future bridal party at her wedding... whenever that is. lol