Do you think sibling marriages should be allowed?

Blood relatives e.g. bro + sis, mom + son, sis + sis

Gay incestual marriage?(or gay incestual civil union?)

Other than disliking the idea(which is not enough to stop it being a law)

Love is love isn't it?

Children through incestuous relationships can lead to birth defects,

but that's really a side-issue and not connected simply to 'marriage'

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I should add because even of you disagree with how siblings can actually 'love' each other

That's not really connected to marriage

as there are people who marry purely for monetary reasons and attraction
and *not attraction
I thought more women would be 'for' civil rights and equality

I guess not :P


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  • I've changed my opinion about this recently, actually. While it may seem "gross," who cares? Like your update says, even if they're not "in love," there are people who HATE each other that get married, haha. "It's not natural because they can't reproduce" Well neither can gay or infertile couples. I don't know. I'm not passionate enough about it to argue over it, but I'm seeing this side of it more clearly.

    I'd be way more hesitant about the parent-child thing because of power dynamics, though.


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  • I only support incestious relationships in fictional mediums or situations. If you want to bang your sister go ahead, it's not my thing but you're not hurting me. I don't think marriage should be allowed though. It's kind of sending the wrong shouldn't love your sibling/child physically and your love is a special kind. You can't love your sibling/child as a man or a woman.

    • Sending the wrong message?

      Is marriage about sending the right message?

      As gold diggers might marry an old rich guy

      but nobody is saying that should be illegal

      Saying you can't really love a sibling

      is a big claim which I don't see a reason why it can't be true

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    • What if they wanted to adopt?

      or we're gay siblings

      You can't reduce everything to children

      Which marriage doesn't obligate you to have

    • All I can say is don't expect to be like a normal couple. Gay or straight. I don't really believe in love. So I just assume they chose their sibling as their partner and can't seperate themselves from their family to meet other people.

  • I'm open to a lot of things and incest is not one of them.

    You shouldn't be allowed to marry your sibling or child.

    And "love is love isn't it" There's a certain way a mother should love or child and a siblings should love each other. If they love each other in a different way, they have issues.

    That's just my opinion though and not everyone will agree.

    • I agree!

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    • I'm not mad,

      opinions can be irrational

      Just as thinking 2 + 2 = 6

    • Mother+Son=Marriage.

      That's irrational.

  • I'm usually all for letting people do whatever they want whether I agree with it or not, but this is a little different. Part of me wants to have it legal but another part of me doesn't. I guess I would have to research the issue a little more to make my final decision

    • Did you ask this question because you are in love with someone you're related to?

    • No, it would make more sense if I did

      It's just a topic which isn't discussed a lot

      especially someone defending it

  • This is f***ing disgusting.

    • That's a little rude

      Why is that a reason for it not to be law

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    • Jesus Christ, there are SO many people in this world, why the hell should you ditch them all and go after your MOTHER?

    • Why not?

      Just because you can't understand it

      doesn't mean people shouldn't do it

What Guys Said 5

  • It took me a long time to think about it. But in the end, I have to say that it shouldn't be legal. I'm pretty sure most sexual abuse is by relatives. If siblings or a child and parent got married, it would raise a lot of questions about whether or not it was really a joint decision. There are too many problems with it.

    Sure, there are civil rights issues with this question, but there's also the fact that it's not too common to want to marry a blood relative, and even more uncommon for both parties to agree to it.

    I feel like if two related people wanted to marry each other, there would be a lot of psychological issues involved with the relationship. There would be a huge chance that it started with sexual abuse and ended with the victim somehow believing that he/she enjoyed it and wanted it to continue.

    Now that I've written all this out, I see it a lot more clearly and am less undecided about it. Huge no from me.

  • Not even a little bit

    Even if it was 'ok' or not disgusting

    The science wouldn't match up.

    If they wanted to have kids; there would be a very small chance the baby would be 100% healthy

    Their genes would be too similar.

    • Marriage doesn't obligate you to have kids

      So should we allow siblings who don't wish to have kids to get married

      Or gay siblings?

      What if they want to adopt?

    • Everyone has different morals.

      If your morals oblige; then by all means. I can't control what you do.

    • This question was about whether it should be law

      Like how gay marriage is being considered(which I also support)

      If a person dislikes freedom of speech or going to prison,

      their opinion(with no good reasoning) should hold no weight on the law

  • This isn't a civil rights issue, this is perversion. You should date someone outside your family.

    • Why?

      Just because you find something perverted doesn't mean everybody does

      or that it should have any bearing on the law

      Some people think gay or interracial marriage is perverse

  • That is disgusting.

  • you have to understand, incest is a mistaken identity of emotions, they mistaken brother/sister love for actual love, its not uncommon and there is a reason why its against the law, they don't do it because its disgusting they do it because of genetics and how futures human being will turn out.

    plus marriage is the same thing to relationships and birth defect because what do you expect them to do in marriage besides being cuddly or that, they will have sex and that can lead to pregnancy as not all birth control is effective.

    • I don't see how you can group all invest relationships in that way with just speculation,

      How do you know it isn't genuine love?

      Even if it is a mistaken identity of emotions,

      Why does that then mean it should be illegal

      The same could be said for a man who falls in love with his doctor,

      But is that illegal?

      Abortion? if you think there should be no other way of this baby being born

      or allowing gay siblings then?

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    • i like that your open minded to these and I guess your right in away. can I tell you something that I'm open minded too that most people will disagree on, I'm open minded to think both religion and evolution could be a possibility, people are always fighting to make people to believe one side. I like to believe both possibilities are true.

    • Of course both sides can be taken

      (you have to not take Genesis literally but whatever)

      I'm an atheist so I see no logic in religion,

      But the most rational Christian would accept evolution

      Disregarding religion, if a God existed

      there's no reason he couldn't create life this way(it makes the most sense)

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