Would my German boyfriend lose his passport if he married me?

I'm an American citizen and my boyfriend is a German citizen. He thinks that if he marries me he'll lose his German passport. is that true?

my boyfriend has no intention of becoming an American citizen.


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  • According to this he'd have to ask the permission of the German government:

    Dual citizenship ( Deutsche Staatsangehoerigkeit)

    Allowed under following circumstances:

    If he/she is an EU or Swiss citizen during naturalization.

    If he/she is a refugee and holds a 1951 travel document during naturalization.

    where a child born to German parents acquires another citizenship at birth (e.g. based on place of birth, or descent from one parent)

    where a naturalized German citizen, or a child born to non-German parents (non-EU or Swiss) in Germany, request and obtain a permission to keep his foreign nationality.

    ##where a German citizen acquires a foreign nationality with the permission of the German government (e.g. existing relative ties or property in Germany or in the other country## or if the occupation abroad requires domestic citizenship for execution)


    I did put the conditions between double hashtags (existing relatives in the other country)

    You'll find links to official publications at the bottom of the page.


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  • Keeps his citizenship and passport. When married, file for permanent status,.as you are. After fixed time, he can become US citizen if he wants. Germany lets him keep his citizenship as well.

    But check, the US mucks around with these rules and time limits all the time...

    If you don't stay married for at least 2 years, the govt thinks fraud, kicks them out.

    Think it is easier for you to be German citizen, but that may have changed.

    • Update...then he doedn't need to be citizen, but can work, pay taxes and such if you are married. Just needs resident status. Can do everything but vote. Good luck...

  • 1.

    Update: somene marrying an American citizen has no obligation to apply for American nationality.


    According to UN rules one can only lose his nationality under certain stringent rules and marrying someone from another country isn't among them.

    Gerany accepted these rules after WW2.

  • Hahaha no, not true at all!

  • Probably because if he marries you he becomes an American citizen and so he will get an American passport.

    • Not true. He needs to take the test to become a US citizen. Marriage just allows him to stay here.

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    • I thought the same thing. I knew a guy from England who married an American girl. He's the one that told me he had no intentions of taking the citizenship test to become an American citizen.

    • Update: somene marrying an American citizen has no obligation to apply for American nationality.

  • no, he would not lose his passport


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  • No, I'm not sure if that double citizenship is available for spouses.He would for sure get a green card by marrying you, but from what I know he can't apply for citizenship until you've been married for 5 years anyways, then he needs to decide if he wants give up german citizenship or apply for double citizenship or just remain permanent resident

    • honestly not sure about that 5 year rule you need to look it up. But you don't automatically lose citizenship. The other way around, you wouldn't lose your American citizenship either, just by marrying him, you activley need to give it up