In your opinions if you hate guys who use escorts, then why do you hate nice guys anyway?

Fellow GAG members this is only asking your opinions and out of curiosity too it's like this nice guys,geeks, nerds and good guys like me we never attract you women and girls you always go for a complete jerk and yes you give him sex.

And nice guys like me get nothing but friend zoned and no sex and no relationships period and her BS excuses and you think of us as marriage material but jerks gets relationships yep he always turn you on and get your panties wet and you love him etc..

And for now I'm considering hiring a escort I don't know yet and no no I haven't decided yet and you women never wait till marriage and I'm saving my virginity till marriage and I expect her to do the same.

And since you hate virgins and love jerks what's the point and so I was wondering In your opinions if you hate guys who use escorts then why do you hate nice guys anyway?

you always rejected him for jerks of challenge and seems like you only wanted is sex,money,drama and experience men and I can't give women what she wanted sorry looks like us nice guys are doom and dying because of you women.

Thanks for your answers and have fun sharing if you wish to tease nice guys like me fine go ahead thanks again everyone :).

And if you wanted to know what happen to nice guys like me here link tells you what happen to us
Everyone I fully apologize again for my my confusions since nothing attracts women if you are nice but jerks always attracts women what the heck and yes I am still confuse at what truly truly attracts women so I would never be friend zoned with women and get them to like me instead of of guys who mistreats her.

And I assure you I would never harm women ever but they went with guys who does would hit her and abuse her why is that such a turn on I don't know sorry for my confusions and thanks
again for the help


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  • Dude you don't have to hire an escort or be a jerk to get a woman. Just do what you feel comfortable with and don't let others change your life philosophy. If you want to wait till marriage then wait. You have to offer a woman what you can give her and if she doesn't appreciate it then move on. There are so many females out there why get bummed out by a few? Those few who are looking for bad boys are probably going to end up unhappy and alone because they aren't looking for happiness, they're looking for misery.

    • thanks man and I do apologize for my confusion and in most cases they never give a nice guy a time of the day and if we become a jerk she will give us the I am interested in you look and yes they will fantasized about you but nice guys never attract women or as they say it never triggers attraction the way jerks can.

      If that's a lie then why is there a attraction to jerks

    • Forget those jerks and worry about yourself. Try to be happy and find someone who will make you happier not worse off.

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  • Hey guess what.

    When a guy seems to loathe women, looks down on them, thinks they're stupid for not liking him, claims they only like jerks, acts entitled to girls because he thinks he's such a nice guy - he's not a nice guy in my book. I stay the f*** away.

    I don't "hate" guys who use escorts and I don't hate GENUINELY nice guys, either.

    • I'm just confuse because nothing attracts women if you are nice but jerks always attracts women and if you think I'm wrong prove it by providing proof

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    • Well based on your tangents, it's easy for me to assume that you probably believe that's what girls do.

    • *clapclapclap* I must bow to you for this answer

      this should be best answer 100%

  • Not all women are the same and not all men are the same. Humans are varied and act differently. You are playing on the 'nice guy card' if you focused on being yourself and being nice without wanted to get something out of it maybe people would find you more appealing.

    Judging anyone is wrong. Judging because they don't like you is worse. You need to develop your own personality that focuses on being yourself before you get into any relationship.

    Some women just want male friends and shouldn't have people getting angry because they have apparently 'been friend zoned' . Being friendly with someone because you want to sleep with them isn't exactly the best way to earn trust.

    • if you get friend zoned miss that means she never wants to have sex with you so she have sex with guys who never loved and respected her and he hits her,abuse her and kick her ass and she crys drama about it if she wants a nice guy then stop making excuses about no nice guys around then maybe she'll get him if she chose him from very beginning

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    • @ben890 I was only saying is if she wants nice guys then she should've chosen him in first place then she don't have to worry being abuse and if she doesn't want nice guys then stop making up excuses about no nice guys around.

      When there is too nice guys around then maybe she'll get him if she chose him from very beginning and if she get her head out of her ass then maybe just maybe she'll get a true nice guy that never harm or abuse her.

    • Very few need to remove 'head from ass' . More people need to get over themselves and realize that good buy/ bad guy rarely happens because most women and men are different and don' fit into boxes. Lots of 'good guys' end up to be abusive and possessive and lots of 'good girls' end up abusive and possessive. To attack someone and say they should 'stop' moaning belittles them. People very rarely knowingly enter a relationship understanding that the person is horrible and not right for them.

  • Not all guys that use escorts are nice guys

  • I feel like you're one of those guys who use "nice guys" as a disguise to hide the real problem which isn't the fact that you're "nice" but insecure and trying to generalize women because of your own short comings.

    • You seem to be the person who projects insecurities onto other people you know nothing about... intriguing.

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    • I'm sorry but , get your head out your ass! Stop saying "you women don't like nice guys" . Bullsh*t! Every guy I have ever dated has always treated me right and was "nice". Are there some women who are like you described , yes, are most, no. I could easily say all guys are jerk and only care about sex and only go for the bitchy big boob small waist chick. Whatever events that happened to you to make you so jaded towards women, I'm sorry, but the woe is me party has got to stop.

    • i stopped already and I was speaking in general I didn't say all

  • Have you ever thought it t was your looks and not the fact that you're "nice"? Escorts get paid so the john looks don't matter. Regular women need attraction

    • That is a completely lame answer to this completely lame question.

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    • What hahaha? Just a random "lol" out of nowhere? :P

    • looks are pretty important for us guys to have too

  • not all guys like bad boys .

  • I don't hate them I just feel sorry for them


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  • First of all, when you say 'what's the point', obviously, there isn't one, unless you're following you're own ethics.

    Being what you consider a 'nice good guy' turns women off. So if you're doing it FOR women, you are completely wasting your life. If YOU believe in what you're doing, then that's the point.

    Yeah, most girls won't be that excited to hear you've been with an escort.

    They aren't that excited to hear that guys picked up some trashed girl in a bar and slept with her on the side either.

    Maybe you should live life the way you want, and not worry about impressing girls or what they might think? Because it seems like worrying about impressing them isn't, actually, impressing them.

    • if she keeps her filthy legs shut till marriage and give us nice guys a chance right from beginning this won't be a problem and yes they always go for a hunk aka a jerk since they always wanted what they can't have they rather have experience men unless I'm proving wrong otherwise

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    • TBH, an a**hole to everyone except her is closer to what she wants.

      They DO want a nice guy. Just like guys want a nice girl. Who is also attractive. And guys date hot bitches a lot more then they date ugly but sweet girls. Girls will date attractive jerks before they date a sweet pushover.

      For women, being attractive is a mix of physical and personality traits that make her feel you are capable, have direction and can look out for yourself AND others around you.

    • "You can be a nice MAN. You can be an immature and needy jerk, and you'll get nowhere unless you hide it. Women need a guy to be a MAN to be attracted to him. Most of them, in fact, prefer NICE men. But they don't like whiny, immature little boys who suck up to them."

      So well said.

  • First of all, remember Roosevelt's famous phrase: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

    Being nice or good isn't a title you can give to yourself, so try to avoid labeling yourself as such. Instead, focus on showing it with your actions, and let others be the judge.

    But anyway, there is this myth that girls only really like the bad boys.

    But let me rephrase that:

    The bad boys are more likely to get the girls.

    There's a key difference. You see, girls don't actually LIKE bad boys in many/most cases. Bad Boys are notorious for not caring. Treating the girl like she's a piece of meat. So think about this, if you really don't give a sh*t about someone, how hard is it to approach them? It isn't.

    And that's the key!

    You see, men are being constrained more and more in terms of what behaviors are "good".

    It used to be, handing a girl flowers on an elevator made for a cute story. These days, simply saying "don't take this the wrong way, but I think you're pretty cool" on the same elevator results in a wild feminist backlash.

    Nowadays, simply thinking a girl is sexy is tantamount to a hate crime. "sexualization" "objectification"

    Even though you aren't disregarding her person!

    So how does that affect the nice guys? They hold off. many don't make a move, not from fear of rejection, but from fear of OFFENDING the girl with a COMPLIMENT. And even if it does work out, he still feels he has to completely hide his sexual nature, even though this is FUNDAMENTAL to keeping her attracted.

    -Flirting is more under the breath and abstract.

    -Little physical contact. "hovering hands"

    -Doesn't make many decisions for himself. Trying to prove she has equal power in the relationship to avoid seeming controlling or abusive, since women talk about this all the time.

    -Hides most of his desire for sex or sexual moves. He appears asexual.

    Because think about this: In a lot of romantic novels, guys do things that are considered borderline abusive. And some things that women would just be insulted by in real life.

    Think about Twilight: If any man acted remotely like Edward Cullen, he would be in prison for predatory behavior in a heartbeat.

    Most good guys know this, and focus on being trustworthy.

    So basically, by becoming so uptight about how men behave, women (in general) have effectively turned good guys asexual, and made it so that only the jerks are making the moves and expressing their sexual and attractive nature.

    This isn't the only time something like this has happened. In south London, girls started deciding they wouldn't date a guy unless they had enough balls to kill someone and/or land themselves in prison. Non-killers were considered too mild and ridiculed. calling them "neeks" (combination of "nerd" and "geek".)

    As a result, knife stabbings soared. The injury rate rose to extreme levels, for both men and women. When asked why a guy would stab someone, he basically said it was to show he had guts, and to show he was a real

  • Just looked at your profile, from being around my friends that are into the things you are into, I would have to say there is a tendency amongst this population to either put women on a pedestal or look down on them. To really become really comfortable with women, men and women like you have to become comfortable with everyone. Growing up, I was shy, quiet and did'nt make too many waves. Once I started to socialize in my early twenties, hanging out in the clubs, I started to loosen up. For some pointers on how to deal with women, watch the movie Ground Hog Day, it is a pretty good movie about relationships. Women are all like different puzzles. What works to unlock one, won't unlock any other ones. You have to learn how to improvise and learn and increase your range and strengths. Good luck!

  • The "bad boys" aren't actually douche bags. It's just the self-proclaimed "nice guys" who are too anti-social / socially inept to get girls who call guys who are popular with the ladies "douche bags".

    If you look at society as a whole, most people are nice. Only a few very cynical people would disagree with that statement. This is true even when looking at people in relationships or looking at guys who get lots of girls. Most of them are nice, even if they happen to be more outgoing or social than you. So it's not true that nice guys (actual nice guys, not self-proclaimed "nice guys" who either worship women or despise them and don't get girls because of their not-actually-nice personalities) finish last.

    Women don't actually prefer a**holes. But to take what another answerer said, the few a**holes who get lots of girls get girls because they're able to talk to them. It's very easy to talk to someone you don't give a sh*t about. You may very well be a nice guy (without quotation marks - quotation marks would denote a self-proclaimed "nice guy" who is supposed to "finish last"). But that is definitely not the reason you don't get girls. Work on being more social and able to interact well with women, and you'll find yourself getting more women while still being able to be genuinely nice.

    "Nice guys like me get nothing but friend zoned". So, you've been friend zoned. So what if a girl just doesn't see that spark with you? Not every girl has to like you romantically or sexually. In fact, even if you look at the men who get lots of women, most of their approaches will be rejections. And if you look at the people who get friend zoned, it's 1) because the girl just wasn't attracted in the first place, or 2) because they didn't make their intentions clear from the start, and so the girl set you in her mind as her good guy friend and nothing more, and she couldn't change that view of you after such a long time if it took you a really long time to work up the courage to make a move. Next time, be more honest, and don't worry if you get rejected, because it really doesn't matter.

    Girls like interesting guys, by the way. Just like guys like interesting girls. I'm sure you're interesting once people get to know you. But girls aren't gonna know that if they don't get to know you because you're too shy or introverted to let your personality show. Guys who are outgoing are able to let their personalities show from the start, which is why they're interesting to women and they get girls. That doesn't make them a**holes.

    I'm disappointed in you, DragonLord. I've seen you around here quite a bit and you seem like a cool guy. I didn't expect someone like you to be going and asking a question like this.

    • sorry I am just confuse because nothing attracts women if you are nice but jerks always attracts women what the heck and yes I am still confuse sadly they want abuse instead of nice if that's what they want then why would you cry abuse in fist place and I apologize again for my confusions

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    • oh OK and I guess I still need research and I'm super skinny very thin because of my high metabolism and I'm not buffed with six-eight pac abs musclebound since girls and women love muscles and wanted to be protected and I can't give her what she wants and it's hard to explain really so don't worry about it

    • Christ lol. I don't know where you're getting all your information from dude, but so much of it is just so wrong. A lot of women actually prefer skinny to buff. Also, don't blame it on your metabolism. Work out properly, with a proper plan and diet and everything, and you will see results (if you're serious about it, read Starting Strength).

      It's not your looks. It's your personality that's the problem. And not because you're "nice". Because you don't know how to interact with women.

  • I've seen guys who play WoW and still land hot girlfriends,but the thing is he spent maybe 50 hours a week online, the rest of his time was spent in school,and doing track/physical activities, and some small time partying. He had a diverse life style. He didn't spend say 100 hours a week in his house doing nothing, and getting pissed at anyone who even disrupts his WoW. See the differences there is obsession. Can you step back? Do you have any other hobbies, what else are you doing with your life? *That is interesting, and isn't work, no one - I mean no one- wants to hear about how sh*tty your job is, or what you don't like, unless it happens to be like photography and you are really passionate about it and KNOW a lot.*

    The thing about 'nice guys' *I hate calling them this, because it is so inaccurate,and misleading*, is that these guys have no self respect. They bend over backwards for everyone, they do everything for someone, they are predictable, and are always there. They will stop what they are doing to put someone else's life style in the picture. That's where the problem lies. Self respect. Do you respect yourself? Do you respect your time? Do you put yourself first, or everyone else? If you make it so you help everyone, and they can just ask you for anything and know you can't say no, or you won't most of the time, you will be used.

    But they put so much emphasis on making a 'good impression' and trying to show attributes that they think makes them look good, they end up hurting themselves in the long term.

    The "jerks" the guys who can't always be there for someone, because they have their own lives to live, and *GOALS* they want to pursue, is a sign of self respect. Women love a man with goals,ambition, and is going somewhere. If you sit behind a computer all day, no one is going to hang out with you, you have to diversify your life style, you have to have different hobbies, passions, things you do that aren't always the same. They want someone with an opinion and knowledge/understanding. Being 'nice' or kind to someone isn't bad, but you need to be kind to yourself. Most of those "jerks" really aren't jerks, some of them are born a**holes and are abusive verbally and physically.

    I personally am in your boat, because I know what I have to do but I'm not, but it doesn't bother me, because I'm doing my own thing. It isn't because I'm incapable, it is because I'm new in the area, and networking is a huge effort for me being an introvert. As I find most people to be mundane,or redundant. Before I moved it was all great and I occupied my time with other things, currently I'm focusing on my goals, not getting laid. Working on myself, so I can be in a better situation, and not on the streets. Even a better person if I can.

    The questions I have for you is this: Can you respect someone who doesn't respect themselves? What do you think it says about you as a person? What are your goals, how many people can get in the way of it?

  • First, a brief story from my time of retail slavery.

    A woman, slightly beyond middle aged, asked for (demanded) my assistance picking out a toaster. So we found one that would suit her needs. Then, she asked me (again, demanded), "Can I get a discount, for being so nice?"

    I was (not visibly) flabbergasted. Not once did she smile. Not once did she say please. And to top that off, demanding something unwarranted and undeserved ISN'T nice! Plus, the store only made about 5-10 percent profit on kitchen appliances, we were pretty much an unpaid distributor for Sunbeam.

    So I told her I'm only an associate, and not authorized to give discounts. But I think you get the moral of the story.

    But yeah, use an escort if you want, the good thing is you don't have to tell anyone.

    But I will leave you with this link


    • Great anecdote, horrible link. Everyone knows Communism fails quicker than it rises.

    • HAHA My man! The Marx quote is there for irony! That particular blogger is the EXACT OPPOSITE to a communist!

  • I can't fathom this "I resent women because I'm a nice person" sh*t. If it's so easy for you to turn into a jerk, if you're attempting to blackmail women into choosing you by saying, "Like me or I'll be a douchebag!" you're already there, bro.

    I didn't get a single girl's attention until I was like 19 (and I'd still be in the same situation today if I hadn't gotten lucky enough to stumble upon my girlfriend), and it wasn't that hard to stay rational and not obsess over it to the point of hating them for not liking me. Good lord. If I had ended up like you, my girlfriend wouldn't have given me the time of day.

    • sorry I am just confuse because nothing attracts women if you are nice but jerks always attracts women and if you think I'm wrong prove it by providing proof

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    • Do you really think there's a list of qualities that would definitely attract ANY woman? There are qualities about me that I didn't think anyone would particularly like, but my girlfriend does. People are individuals. Welcome to life.

      No, you see, you can be an a**hole without physically hurting someone: by being a bad person on the inside. Plenty of guys are complete misogynists but would never hit someone.

    • sorry for my confusion I guess I never understand women and I guess never will understand what truly attracts women to get them to like me but thanks for the help and yes I'm starting to feel a little better thanks :).

  • It's about balance man. Open yourself up to new things... Having a wide variety of interests can do a lot of good.

    Develop some new hobbies, get out and find a cool place to hang out and just work at your social skills. Talk to others, meet new people. And dress the part. Get yourself some nice clothes, shoes, a couple of accessories, etc. In all... be cool. Appeal more to women's interests and their lifestyles. Get a little more knowledgeable about pop-culture and speak your mind. It all helps...

    Above all, work hard and live life... Sure women may be drawn to guys with money and all that, but you, yourself, should want to be successful. Be the man an attractive woman would want to be with.

  • Look at the bottom of the page. Get the confidence and be more assertive. I thought you wanted to be a good guy and not have sex until marriage? If you're gonna get an escort, might as well meet a girl in a club and get it over with. Trust me, you are putting WAY too much emphasis on your virginity right now, like who cares. Yes, there will be some girls that will be off-put by it, but why the hell do you need to share that personal information with them? Act like you've been laid already and they will respond accordingly.

  • shave... and watch the magic happen

  • Atleast you knwo what your getting with the hooker hahaha