Why do men say women will get half their stuff in a divorce?

I work in a factory and with more men than women. I've heard on many occasions men putting their wives down and calling them lazy because they are stay at home mothers. When this is mentioned inevitably it is followed by other men saying things like "just divorce that lazy b____" to be followed with "No then I'd have to give her half my stuff". Do men really think that if their wives do not work outside the home but do care for the children, clean the home, cook the meals etc. that they are lazy and "mooching off them"? That if their wives are stay at home wives and mothers that everything purchased belongs to them and that their wives don't own anything and therefore should get nothing if they divorce? In my experience with listening to these men, the ones that are the worst are the ones who do the least at home. They go to work and then the rest of their time is spent on doing things they enjoy, but if their wives ask them to stay with the kids a few hours so she can have a chance to do something, they act like she is lazy. Am I just unlucky enough that I work with a bunch of jerks or do a lot of men think this way?


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  • they're being selfish, and don't appreciate their wives and think more of themselves. I feel sorry for their wives, it seems like the wife would be happier single or at least not married to a guy like that. sometimes I wonder if getting married would even be worth it. NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE THIS BUT I'M TALKING ABOUT THE ONES WHO ARE. IF IT DOESNT APPLY TO YOU THEN DONT COMMENT :)


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  • Some stupid pieces of sh*t do, aim high get a guy who has a job he's proud of (factory job's not gonna cut it) and treats people well, makes decent friends, is sincere and loyal, or at least smart enough to know what he wants before he marries someone he'l'l want to divorce. These men are selfish, self00centered, concceited, too inwardly focused to see what you're doing with and for them. There are valuable men out there, just look for the happy ones

    • I am married to a wonderful man and I know not all men are like this. Just wondering if a lot of men think this way.

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