Do you think this is way too soon?

love my guy friend to bits but feel he's making a terrible mistake. He's been engaged twice. Met a girl and dumped his last fiance of 4 years for this girl a week later. They've only been dating just under 3 months got engaged last week,buying a house and getting married in july. He says oh I want to marry this girl and settle down but am just worried its way too soon especially with his track record of falling hard. He has issues with his mom and well doesn't seem to spend any time single going from girl to girl


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  • It sounds like he trying to settle down and build something stable, something that has been missing in the past.

    I personally think that a bit more time in the relationship should be spent before moving forward, regardless of what happened in the past with other girls.

    If he is mature and the girl is mature, it might just work out. Still, that's mighty quick.

    You seem to think that he's a good guy. Do you have reservations about the girl?

    • No its him I'm worried bout tbh he was trying it on with me before this girl while still engaged so make of that as you will. I kept my distance as he had a fiance

    • Have you tried to voice your concerns with him in private? Also, does he have any other friends that you can share your concern with? He may listen to them and it can't hurt if you really think he is making a mistake.

    • Dont think he would listen tbh... he hasn't got any close friends so he's told me and even me he's not bothering with. But this is his third engagment and got engaged pretty quick. They were both in rellies at time

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  • To my feeling he's going fast indeed.

    But then, we met at 20 and married at 25, due to circumstances: studies, army service. I never felt it was to slow, neither did my wife. Once I was rid of my obligations we hurried to marry.


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    Seriously stop asking this question over, over and over. It is getting annoying and you are so obsessed with something that you should not be. Please get a life and stop asking this question. Everyone knows you have asked it a million times and no one is going to respond!