Arranged pressure...confused...bad past ?

I am in my late in India now.

I was in Australia for 5 years for my Masters Degree...i had a relation with an elder women who was divorced and had 3 did not end very well...

I returned to my homeland last year and now my traditional family is forcing me to settle down...they set me up on dates (3 till now) but though the girls are good I do not end up going to 2nd date with them as I just don't feel like dating or romancing anyone...

I don't know what's wrong with me...any thoughts?

How can I overcome this feeling of being alone and content...?

I am straight..doing well career wise etc.

Help please.


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  • After a break up, we all need that time alone and have no desire of jumping into relationships, with time you will find yourself wanting someone and by then you will know that your ready. I know that your family might want you to date now but maybe if you explain that you need time to, or even talk to your dates that your not ready yet.


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  • My mom says love is like your shade. If you chase after it, it will run away. If you stay still, it will be be around.

    just wait for love to happen, and it will come

  • who says you NEED to get over that feeling? when you want to settle down, you will settle down. I know a lot of Indian people who were in arranged marriages, and all those marriages failed in the long run. Think long and hard before taking that step. Your parents aren't the ones who will have to life with that woman and tolerate her in the long run.

  • There is nothing wrong with you at the end of the day You do what makes You happy and if your not ready to settle down then don't. Tell your family how you feel...the reasons you feel this way and to back off!


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