Do you believe that those who get married in their 20s are mature than those who get married later?

Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what being in a long term relationship would be like. Boring? Difficult?


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  • Depends on the couple / people at hand.

    There are younger couples that marry and last, and older one's that don't. Romance / chemistry isn't so much about age, as it is about the wilingness of the two involved.


    You may not be as settled in your 20's as you are when your older; maybe you still have sexual fantasies to explore, or places you want to go, careers you want to achieve before settling down - whereas older people tend to have gotten to a more settled place in their lives and are more comfortable with working for a lasting relationship.

    Not always though, as there are 20 year olds who have their things together and are ready for the commitment.

    I don't know what a long term relationship is like either, but I wouldn't mind one with a great guy. All you have to do is learn some patience / tolerance / and self - sacrifice and your partner vice versa, so the two of you won't be constantly butting heads, or the connection fizzling out.

    • Patience is certainly something that I could work on. Still living at home so I don't know how serious of a relationship I could have.

    • Yea I'm definitely working on getting my own place, granted I'm a college kid, so still living with the parents isn't a huge shocker, nor a strike against you romance wise. But def having your own space helps a lot lol

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