Ladies, what is your ideal marriage age?

Gals, when do ya all want to tie the knot?

Or any other random thoughts on the topic.

The men won't touch this question at all.


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  • I want to be into my career, past the first few years where it really sucks. (In my field, the first few years are super busy.) This puts me at like age 25-27. Then I want to have kids when I am age 28-30. And I am already 22, and very much single. I need to get a move on with this stuff.

    Oh course, I can fully see myself at age 25 being like "well, maybe 30 is the best time to get hitched" haha


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  • I don't want to get married/have kids too soon, as there are still many things I want to pursue before I get "tied down". For me, I think a good age to do both would probably be during my early 30's. One thing FOR SURE I don't want happening is me becoming a geriatric father...the one that when his kid is 18, he's in his 60's.

  • the problem with women is - vast majority of them don't really have any goals in life.

    if you ask 100 single chicks on the street what is their life goal 95 of them will say "to find a right man and have children." so f***ing boring.

    we, men, kings of the world, have actual goals - to change the world, do something good, achieve something big, be successful... and a chick who nags and kids who cries are mostly just a distraction and time and nerve consuming things.

    and wasting your prime time with raising children is just irrational thing to do for a man if he wants to achieve something in his life.

    of course I understand that women have this bio clock going on but still... they're too pushy. having kids before they are at least 30? you must be kidding me. kids having kids. nonsense.

    • This guy knows, man.

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    • Cough Cough Bullsh*t

    • To sum that up your answer is "NEVER" Okay! Gotcha.

  • As a guy, the ideal marriage age is when I feel it appropriate.

    Whether that be 25 or 45.

    No dramas.


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  • To be honest, I don't really care. I mean, I know I'm not ready to get married right now, but I am 22 years old, in a relationship of almost two years, and I'm surrounded by friends, colleagues, and cousins who are getting or have recently gotten married. So what gives?

    I might not like "prophecy" on the basis of the way he's describing this man-woman dichotomy, but to some extent, I understand how he feels. I just started graduate school, am pursuing a Ph.D., and want to spend my life doing research. If I'm serious about my career, when on earth am I going to have time to take care of children? I value my privacy, quiet evenings, and a tidy household. Why would I willingly give that up?

    That aside marriage does not necessarily equal children, and I'll probably get married eventually. Insurance benefits and tax breaks make it too good a deal not to take advantage of, and if I love my partner, why not? I just don't see any reason to jump into it until it seems inevitable.

  • 27 when my career is in check and I have time for my "husband to be"