Friend won't hang out anymore but still talks to me online?

My roommate and I were really close. a few years later I got a boyfriend who she seemed to like at first but then ended up hating him when we got engaged. She said some pretty mean things about him, telling me he wasn't good enough. A month before the wedding I invited her over for dinner with her boyfriend and my fiancee so we could all get along and show no one was a bad guy. She turned down my invitation telling me to keep my fiancee away from her. After much arguing back and forth I told her I respected her wishes. I thought we were OK but she didn't even come to my wedding.

I'm trying to patch things up. We talk on Facebook a lot. normally I initiate the talk but she responds. I've asked her to hang out a few times just us and she gets all weird makes up excuses or just doesn't respond.

Should I just accept the fact that she is tired of me and prob resents me for marrying a guy she hates? I told her I wanted to get lunch soon and to let me know when she was free but she didn't respond. Should I just not bring it back up and let her be the one to initiate hanging out. even if it means only just talking to each other but never hanging out again?

Note: She doesn't or Didn't ever "like him like that" I just meant they got a long and she approved of him at first. She has her own BF. I think she is jealous that I beat her to the altar, but I think she's being overdramatic about all of it.


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  • Looks like you married the guy she still loves and is jealous,

    It all fits,.

    1. Likes you.

    2. You get a guy that she likes,.

    3. You become engaged. (Turning point before this)

    4. You get married to said guy.

    5. She hates you by now,.

    She's gone.


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